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Monday, September 29, 2014

Herbal Antibiotics & Antivirals: Natural Healing with Herbal Medicine

Herbal Antibiotics & Antivirals: Natural Healing with Herbal Medicine (Natural Health & Natural Cures Series) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 Herbs have been studied and used for centuries as medicine and as a food.

Herbal remedies use plant parts or the extracts for different health conditions.

The most common forms of herbal medicines include poultices, essential oils, creams, tincture, and teas. In the United States, many herbal remedies are sold in stores which sell alternative medications, vitamins, and other similar products.

The medical community in general still disapproves of the use of herbs as medicine. They believe that herbs are ineffective, unsafe, not regulated, and not as effective as pharmaceutical drugs.

The ironic thing about this belief is that many medications prescribed by our physicians have components of herbal remedies or at least a synthesized version of the herb.

Many people consider plant-based remedies to be more natural, cheaper, and less harmful than pharmaceutical drugs. There is also the belief that they are more capable of easing both every day and chronic health problems.

Today we have over-used antibiotics to the point where they are losing their effectiveness, and are causing yeast overgrowth in our bodies. Yeast overgrowth can lead to several minor and some serious health conditions. With the use of herbs we don’t have to limit ourselves to taking our medicine in a pill.

Herbs can boost the natural healing properties of our immune system, so we actually heal faster, by stimulating the necessary healing hormones to fight against the pathogens.

In this book you’ll learn:

• Which herbs have antibiotic and antiviral properties and how you can use them to treat common ailments
• How to make, use, and store your own medicinal poultices, creams and ointments, tinctures, infusions, and decoctions
• How to grow, prepare, and preserve your own medicinal herbs

And much much more…

Before using any herbal remedy, it is wise and recommended that you do some thorough research, and discuss the use of an herb with an herbalist and/or your physician before using. Some herbs can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Survival In The City: How To Plan And Protect Your Family And Friends In an Urban Enviroment

Survival In The City: How To Plan And Protect Your Family And Friends In an Urban Enviroment was a free kindle book when this post was written.

Unfortunately, many people will rely on government aid and instruction during a disaster. The reality of the situation is that the government may not be able to provide aid until weeks into a disaster. Finally, when aid comes it may not be what you expect. Nothing is more demoralizing then starving for weeks only for the government to show up with rationed water and food. Look at Hurricane Katrina as an example of government aid and intervention. For weeks citizens had to deal with aggressive violence, no food and water, and terrible sanitation conditions. This book will help teach you how to survive these scenarios in an urban environment!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Survival Medicine: Prepper's Guide To Emergency First Aid & Safety

Survival Medicine: Prepper's Guide To Emergency First Aid & Safety (Essential Medical Skills) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

***Survival Medicine Guidebook – Protect Your Family From Emergency Situations!***

Are you and your family prepared for the worst case scenario? Do you have a personal or family survival kit organized? Do you know what to do when disaster falls on your doorstep? If not, you definitely need to pick up a copy of this book!

Many people fail to plan for these type of situations because they feel, these type of events will never happen to them. You are wrong for thinking that way. It’s always best to prepare for the worst, so you can have the safety and comfort of knowing how to survive during these circumstances – when they do arrive.

This Survival Medicine Book Will Teach You The Following:

  • Why Staying Prepared Is Crucial!

  • Different Types of Disasters (Natural vs Manmade)

  • Survive Medical Emergencies

  • How To Build an Effective First Aid Kit (Personal, Family, Camp & Community)

  • Essential Medical Procedures For Handling Injuries, Bite Wounds, Infections, Etc.

  • And Much More…

  • Learning these vital skills will not only help you and your family, but also allows you to help your fellow neighbors and community members. Don’t think learning these skills is a waste of time. In fact, knowing how to care for yourself during this tough situations will make you become a stronger person. Get prepared now!

    Hunkering Down: A Means of Survival

    Hunkering Down: A Means of Survival (Be A Prepper Book 2) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

    No one wants to think about what can happen in a disaster. They do happen, however, and you have to prepare in order to save and protect yourself and your loved ones.

    There may be disaster situations that may keep you from being able to get out of where you live. You might have to stay at one place for an extended period of time. This is what is known as “hunkering down.” Hunkering down involves staying in one place for a while as a means of ensuring that you will be secure from outside threats. In these situations, the length of time that you might have to hunker down is unknown. You have to be prepared.

    This book is about what you need to do in the event that you do actually have to hunker down and defend yourself for a while. This covers information on what supplies you’ll need in, how you will protect yourself, and more. Topics included are:

    • Why people have to hunker down in the first place
    • The home security materials you’ll need to protect yourself and to observe what is happening outside
    • What you can use for energy
    • The foods that you’ll need
    • How to manage hygiene and first aid
    • What you’ll need for communication
    • What to do if you must leave your “safe” place

    This book can be important in helping you understand what you what you can do if you need to stay in one place for a while. It's a difficult thing to think, about but it is one that you must consider for your own safety and survival. 

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014

    Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller

    Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller was a free book for kindle when this post was written. Now I have something to read when I take Little Man to the park tonight!!

    Ebola, Terrorism, and Hope

    In 1989 the Ebola virus mutated to into an airborne strain that infected humans for the first time on American soil in Reston, Virginia. Through belated containment efforts and luck, nobody died.

    Now, in the remote East African village of Kapchorwa, the Ebola virus has mutated into another airborne strain without losing any of its deadly potency.

    In this thriller, terrorists stumble across this new, fully lethal strain and while the world fearfully watches the growing epidemic in West Africa as Sierra Leone goes into country-wide lockdown, only a few Americans are aware of Ebola K and the danger it poses—to be the deadliest pandemic in the history of mankind.

    Can they do anything to protect themselves from this killer disease? Can they stop the terrorists?

    The Ebola K Trilogy of Terrorism Thrillers
    Book 1 in the Ebola K Trilogy of Terrorism Thrillers – on sale now
    Book 2 in the Ebola K Trilogy of Terrorism Thrillers – due out in late autumn of 2014
    Book 3 in the Ebola K Trilogy of Terrorism Thrillers – due out in early spring of 2015

    What They’re Saying About Ebola K
    “an entertaining yet thought provoking thriller where biological warfare takes on a new dimension”

    “a truly enjoyable read”

    “one of the best free thrillers I’ve downloaded in a long time”

    “I downloaded several thrillers kindle books and read this one in just two days”

    “amazing thriller”

    “definitely on my list of Thrillers 100 Must Reads”

    “I can’t wait for book two in the trilogy”

    “you can’t go wrong with free thrillers like this”

    “the combination of ebola and terrorism is truly frightening in one of the better free thrillers I’ve read”

    “when I read thrillers kindle books are what I like”

    “free thrillers about terrorism and biological warfare, you can’t go wrong with that”

    “I couldn’t put it down”

    “I can’t wait for book two in the trilogy”

    “if you love free thrillers you’ll love this tale of ebola, terrorism, with a little bit of cia, and the nsa thrown in”


    I haven't been on here much because we have been so busy prepping!

    We have a southern facing window that we are doing a solar heater in like on I still have to get some black paint for it and then we can have it ready to place in the window. Waiting until it gets very cold. It has been so nice the past week that it has been hard to think about winter and the colder weather, but we have been.

    I am taking our car in this Friday to get some stuff done to it. We have been without heat in it for the past 2 winters. We have to find out the problem there and the battery light keeps coming on even though we have a new battery.

    Just getting prepared is like a full-time job. We have so much more to do. But , since we are doing it early this winter, it will get done.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    Food Storage Recipe - Garden Skillet Dinner

    Use your garden for this dish. Yummy and fresh.


    1 cup of uncooked long grain rice

    1 tablespoon olive oil

    2 garlic cloves, minced

    1 cup chopped onion

    1/2 cup chopped green pepper

    1/2 cup chopped sweet red pepper

    1 pound ground beef, browned and drained well

    2 cups chopped and seeded tomatoes

    Cook the rice up the way directions say on box. 

    In another skillet heat the oil and saute the garlic, onion, and peppers until tender. 

    Stir in the cooked beef , tomatoes, and the rice. 

    Simmer until heated through.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Signs and Symptoms | Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever | CDC

    Signs and Symptoms | Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever | CDC

    These symptoms are scary. Starts like a common cold. ugh.

    When the CDC Tells Us to Prepare for the Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About to Get Real |

    When the CDC Tells Us to Prepare for the Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About to Get Real |

    Some very useful information here.

    Share it with everyone!

    Food Storage Recipe - Black-Eyed Peas Skillet Dinner

    This is my hubbies favorite! He thinks that it is something that takes me all day to cook.


    1 pound of ground beef

    1 chopped medium onion

    1 chopped medium green pepper

    2 cans ( 16 oz each ) of black-eyed peas, drain them well

    1 can of diced tomatoes with the liquid, do not drain, 16 oz

    1/2 teaspoon of salt

    1/2 teaspoon of pepper

    Cook of the ground beef, onion, and green pepper. Cook it until the beef is brown and then drain the fat off of it very well.

    Add the peas, tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Bring this to a boil and then drop to a simmer. Let it simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring it often.

    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Getting Ready For Winter

    By now everyone has probably seen the Farmer's Almanac prediction for this upcoming winter. For us, in Indiana, it is supposed to be like last winter if not worse. So we are getting winter ready sooner. 
    Hubby bought a freezer for us to fill up for one thing. Last winter our drive was frozen and I couldn't move our car for about a month. So, hubby wanted that filled up for winter. We have someone coming sometime this week with a load of gravel to redo our driveway. That should help a lot! Pretty sure that is why it was hard to get out of the drive last winter. No gravel for traction and the snow just froze solid on our hill.
    We have started sealing the bottom of the house with plastic. We got the back of the house done yesterday and around the back deck. It doesn't look the best , but if it keeps the floor from being so cold that will help a lot. I have extra plastic to do our windows and back door with, but I will wait another month or so to do those. It has been so nice last week that I want to be able to open windows.
     We also re-potted all of our flowers and trees. I found out the painful way that lemon trees have horrible thorns!


    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    The Homesteading Guidebook - A Beginners Guide to Self Sufficient Living (Self Sustained Living)

    The Homesteading Guidebook - A Beginners Guide to Self Sufficient Living (Self Sustained Living) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

    By going back to our roots as producers, each household member learns the value of commodities like food, water, shelter and clothing. This in turn allows them to appreciate more what they have and conserve the same. The bottom line is, homesteading allows you to appreciate what you have and take care of our surroundings. I hope that this leads to a more responsible and environmentally conscious generation.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

    • Basic Land Requirements
    • Plants and Crops
    • Farm Animals
    • Necessary Equipment and Facilities
    • Practical Tips and Information
    • A Great Intro to Self Sufficient Living

    101 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster

    101 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

    Natural disasters are events that come in different shapes and forms, and usually without warning. They range from catastrophic weather conditions to seismic events. When these events occur, they can injure people, take lives, and cause property damage. Although the susceptibility of each country varies, there is no place on Earth that is considered disaster-free.

    Since most of these disasters are inevitable, the best thing we can do is to be prepared. Preparedness is a good thing so that when disaster comes, it will cause less damage to our property and we can avoid needless injury.

    101 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Natural Disaster aims to guide you on what you should do before, during, and after a natural disaster by covering the following topics:

    - Types of Natural Disasters
    - Early Warning Systems
    - Food Needs
    - Water Needs
    - Creating an Emergency Disaster Plan
    - Preparing Your Home Against Natural Disasters
    - First Aid Skills and Techniques
    - Tips on Disaster Communication Plan
    - Evacuation During Disasters
    - Returning Home After the Disaster

    Tuesday, September 9, 2014

    Campsite Cooking: Delicious and Easy Recipes Using Foil Packets, Grills and More

    Campsite Cooking: Delicious and Easy Recipes Using Foil Packets, Grills and More was a free book for the Kindle when this post was written.

    Campsite cooking is not a new fad; it has been around for centuries. Our ancestors were foragers, having to go out and find food they wanted to eat. If it did not grow around them or walk by them, chances are they did not eat it. Today, we can get more creative with the meals we make while camping making the meals healthy and delicious. The recipes in this book will be fun for the family to create together.

    This book will walk you through what campfire cooking is, how you can create amazing meals with it, and give tons of delicious recipes to tantalize your taste buds. Not only that, but it will tell you how to cook certain foods you have never cooked and will make you start thinking of more creative dishes you can make back home in the kitchen or on the grill.

    Indoor gardening - How to grow beautiful tomatoes, bell peppers & avocados at home

    Indoor gardening - How to grow beautiful tomatoes, bell peppers & avocados at home (Indoor Gardening, Urban Garden Book 1) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

    Discover How to Grow Healthy & Delicious Tomatoes, Bell Peppers & Avocados At Home

    Your diet sucks.

    Well, it doesn’t suck that much, but I know that you want to eat healthier, natural vegetables.

    We all know that natural vegetables are the best. They taste better, they look better, and they provide your body with the best vitamins and nutrients that Mother Nature has to offer.


    “But I don’t have green fingers, I don’t even have a garden.”

    That doesn’t matter.

    This helpful eBook will teach you everything you need to know about indoor gardening basics

    Along with teaching you how to grow tomatoes, bell peppers, and avocados, this comprehensive guide will teach you:

  • How to start indoor gardening for beginners

  • Step-by-step guides on how to grow each

  • Harvesting your crop

  • Meal ideas for each vegetable & more...

  • Download your kindle copy of Indoor gardening – How to grow beautiful tomatoes, bell peppers & avocados at home and when you grow your indoor vegetables, not only will your body thank you for natural food intake, your sense of accomplishment will also leave both you and your tummy with something to smile about.

    Monday, September 8, 2014

    Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country - ABC News

    Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country - ABC News

    There is some scary  stuff going on.

    Caution Infection Zone...

    Sent my hubby to the Dollar Tree and he came home with some great things and even the batteries I had sent him there for. LOL . But, they have a lot of Halloween decorations now and he looked thru it. He saw these things that made him think of what he thought was a great idea. The more I think about it , he might be right. These 30 foot long "CAUTION' AND "INFECTION ZONE" banners. Looks like the caution tape that road crews use etc. He has always thought that a SHTF situation would be brought on by a disease. And the items that have been on the news lately. The Ebola and this new disease that kids are getting is just reinforcing this thinking. He thought that if we are fine and everything else is going to hell in a handbasket that we could use these put in front of the doors and windows and maybe people out looking to loot would think that we were infected. I don't know. Seems like a good idea.

    Saturday, September 6, 2014

    The Prepper's Urban Guide

    The Prepper's Urban Guide: Things You Need to Prepare for Disaster in An Urban Environment and More Life Saving Survival Strategies (preppers blueprint, preppers handbook, preppers pocket guide...) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

    The world has never been a, shall we say, safe place? No matter the era, each generation has faced a series of terrors and nightmare scenarios most foul: disease, pestilence, natural catastrophes so powerful that even the most advanced technological efforts of that generation’s time were rendered utterly moot. And that last scenario? It is still totally applicable to today.
    And here we are, in the 21st century, with all the luxuries of modernity for good or ill, but that pesky, nagging yet wonderful old biddy, Mother Nature -- she still holds the upper hand. She’s all powerful and at times it seems, all too willing to show us just how insignificant we really are. Even with our powerful smart phones and spaceships and self-driving cars and super-human robot-esque Google glasses. Yes, even with those nifty little gadgets, it boils down to a simple reality.
    We live in her world. And it is her world. In the grand scheme of things, we’re all just pesky house guests that refuse to leave no matter how many hints she drops. And to live in her world requires many a compromise. Evolutionary speaking, we have made compromises down to our very cells in order to retain our residence here. We have spent millennium adapting and changing to suit little else than the selfish perpetuation of our species. And yet, despite all of the natural difficulties we face and as a whole, ultimately survive; we’re still, by and large, an idiotic group of nomadic morons.
    Well, it’s your lucky day because despite the odds being ever out of your favor, especially if you live in an urban environment, reading this book will give you the tips and tricks you’ll need to keep yourself alive.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Find In This Book:

    * The Basics
    * Leaving Danger
    * Staying in Place
    * Know your Variables
    * Knowledge is Power
    And Much Much More!

    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Food Storage Recipe - Hobo Knapsacks

    Take these along with you to the park, throw them on the grill and than eat them right out of the foil packs.


    2 medium potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

    2 large tomatoes , chopped

    1 large onion, chopped

    1 package of frozen mixed vegetables

    1 can of mushrooms, drained

    1 pound of ground beef

    1/2 cup of tomato juice

    1/2 cup of rolled oats

    1 beaten egg

    1 tablespoon minced onion

    1 teaspoon salt

    1/4 teaspoon pepper

    6 sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil

    In a mixing bowl combine the potatoes, tomatoes, onion, mixed vegetables, and mushrooms. Set that aside.

    In another bowl mix the beef, tomato juice, egg, oats, onion, salt, and pepper. Mix it up well.

    Divide it into 6 equal portions. Crumble it up into the 6 foil packets. Spoon the vegetable mixture over the beef mixture.

    Tightly fold the foil up to make a pouch.

    Cook in the oven or on the grill for about an hour.

    Food Storage Recipe - Broccoli, Hamburger, & Cheese Soup



    1 1/2 cup of water

    2 chicken bouillon cubes

    1 package of frozen broccoli

    1/4 cup of finely chopped onion

    2 tablespoon butter

    3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

    1/4 teaspoon salt - try and get some Pink Himalayan Salt . That is  so good for you. Google it and you will see the amazing uses and how great it is for your body. It is all that we use now.

    1/8 teaspoon pepper

    2 cups of milk

    1 cup of cubed velveeta cheese

    1 pound ground beef, browned and drained well

    Boil the water in a big pot and add the bouillon cube. Stir until the cube dissolves.

    Add the broccoli and cook as package said. Do not drain. Remove from the heat and set it aside.

    In a large pot cook the onion in the butter until it is clear.

    Add the flour , salt , and pepper to the onion and stir until well blended.

    Remove from the heat and add just enough of the milk to make a smooth paste , than add the remaining milk.

    Return to the heat and bring it to a boil. Let it boil for about 1 minute. Stirring constantly.

    Add the cheese, ground beef, and broccoli (with its cooking liquid)

    Cook until heated thru and the cheese is entirely melted.

    Stir occasionally and serve hot.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    The Decay Omnibus: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Survival

    The Decay Omnibus: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Survival was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

    A nearby nuclear attack rocks a small town in Pennsylvania, sending one man, Paul, and his step-daughter, Julie, on a perilous journey of survival. What started out as a normal Friday afternoon soon shatters into a race for survival against the odds upon the loss of communications—cell phones, Internet and electricity—as a result of the nation’s downed power grids. Paul attempts to get in contact with his wife, Samantha, who is away on business in Colorado, but soon discovers that his only option is to travel cross country amidst the chaos of strategically timed nuclear attacks along the East Coast.

    During their travels, Paul and Julie discover a quaint rural community, safely tucked away and sealed off from the dangers of the outside world. The town, led by a former county sheriff, offers hope and normalcy for visitors lost in a sea of confusion. Trouble soon comes in the form of a doomsday cult, and their fanatical leader, who reside nearby, awaiting a reckoning of apocalyptic proportions. Meanwhile, in a protective bunker underground, Paul's wife, Samantha, finds herself under the watchful eye of the influential and powerful Senator Bryant and a group of elites who may or may not have engineered the nuclear attacks as part of massive worldwide conspiracy meant to change the world forever.

    Events are further tied together in New York City as Sacha, a Polish immigrant taken into custody as a terror suspect, begins a journey that leads him to a group of escaped prisoners who could very well be involved in the terror attacks plaguing the country. After being accepted into their group, he hopes to prevent their goals of mass destruction. Full of action and suspense at every corner, “The Decay” will keep you on the edge of your seat where noting is safe and humanity has reached its breaking point. Don't miss this three-episode omnibus collection of the hit dystopian science fiction thriller destined to bring you into a strange new world of apocalyptic visions.

    Food Storage Recipe - Frontier Chowder

    Quick and easy! Plus uses items from a food storage.

    You can also substitute Ground beef flavored TVP for the ground beef! Which, when I do that I don't use a whole pound of it. I make about 1/2.


    1 pound ground beef

    1 medium green pepper, chopped

    1 medium onion, chopped

    1 can of tomato soup, undiluted

    1 can bean with bacon soup, undiluted

    1 can of corn , drained

    1 cup of water

    Cook up the ground beef with the pepper and onion. Drain it well.

    Stir in the soups, corn, and water.

    Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes.

    Food Storage Recipe - Taco Soup

    This is an easy and quick soup to make.

    Yummy, also.


    1 pound of ground beef or you can use the ground beef flavored tvp.

    1 package of taco seasoning

    1 can of Mexican stewed tomatoes

    1 can kidney beans , undrained

    1 cup of water

    Brown the ground beef and drain the fat.

    Add the taco seasoning, tomatoes, beans, and water.

    Bring the soup to a boil and then simmer for a few minutes.

    Serve. You can top this with shredded cheese and sour cream.

    National Preparedness Month

    September is National Preparedness Month!

    You should be prepping every single month, but if you are just finding out about this than this is as good as time as any to get your family prepared for any type of an emergency.

    Even if all you do right now is get prepared for some kind of natural disaster, it is better than nothing.

    Share this with all of your friends and family.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    DIY Homemade Solar Furnace

    DIY Homemade Solar Furnace


    A great looking solar furnace that I imagine a lot of us could make. Something to try. It  is going to be winter soon enough.

    Slowly Downsizing

    I haven't been online much the past week. We have been working on getting rid of a ton of stuff. Getting prepped for winter and for hopefully down sizing next spring. I am wore out. I had to take the 10 trips to the local thrift store to donate stuff by myself. Luckily they have someone there to help unload the car. But, I am not moving too good now. Resting up the rest of the week preparing for when hubby will be home the 7th and we will finish up the shed clean out!

    It is so amazing how much stuff we had accumulated in the past 8 years and how much of it was really unneeded. So much useless stuff in the house. Hubby said this house has tripled in size since we got rid of so much!! Still have more to purge!!

    The shed will be the hard part. A lot of junk in there. A lot of furniture. I will most likely give it all to my brother for his furniture repurposing and redoing business. Plus he has a truck.
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