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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Love The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System!!

Clean water is the most important item to have in any survival situation. You have to have clean water! You will not last if you do not have water and Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System is the easiest thing that I have found to use. The 0.1 Micron Absolute filter uses a pore size so small that it gets out the microscopic contaminants. No more bacteria, protozoa, or cysts. This means that you can get clean drinkable water from lakes, rivers, streams, and in any disaster situation. Also would be very handy if you travel abroad where it it sometimes hard to get good drinking water.  All you do is fill it with water and then squeeze it though the filter. You can drink it right from the filter's pop-up cap while it is connected to the pouch. Making this a great tool for hikers as well as anyone wanting a water filter for their bug-out bag.

The number one reason that I love this filter from Sawyer is the fact that you use a back washing system to clean the filter making this filter Guaranteed for life! If you use this water filter the right way and clean it the way it says than it will last you. No more buying new filters and no more worries about getting clean water.  I want one of these for each person in the family and for our bug-out bags. With the set up of this filter being so easy that my Little man can even do it, it is worth the investment.  You can also screw the filter onto any drinking bottle, like a 2 liter bottle. Good way to reuse an item for something that is needed.

To really get clean water for your family you have to have an easy and reliable way to filter the water. Something that is easy enough for the whole family to use. Something that doesn't need a lot of different attachments also. This Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System is the one to get. No more replacing filters and no more worries.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System for free from Sawyer as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Too Busy To Write!

I have been too busy to write. Homeschooling is starting to take a lot more time. Little Man is at that age where he is reading more and doing more. It is an all day thing now. Plus we have 2 cars now so we have been able to go on "field trips". Having so much fun. I promise that I will be writing more often. I am getting time budgeted a lot better this week. LOL I have an awesome review that I need to write soon. You are really going to love that! I loved reviewing it. HINT: Water is the most important thing for survival!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stealth Survival: DIY Survival Gear - How to Make a Portable SODIS Device

Stealth Survival: DIY Survival Gear - How to Make a Portable SODIS Device

A great way to get clean water without power. Purify water with the power of the sun in this DIY Portable device. 

Food Storage Recipe - No Power Cooking - Applesauce Cake

We have some very bad weather headed our way and with the chance of tornadoes and the very high wind we will most likely be without power. I was thinking about how to do some cooking with no power. Here is one way - Sun Oven ! It is an easy way to cook without power and also without having to worry about fuel. Here is a recipe for something sweet to cook in your solar oven.

Apple Sauce Cake

1/4 cup of shortening

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of hot water

1 cup of applesauce

1 1/4 cup of flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon cloves

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup raisins

1 cup nuts

Cream the shortening and sugar together until they are mixed well. Add the remaining items to it will. Bake in your solar oven in a 8 inch square pan. Cooks about 45 minutes in a hot oven. about 325 degrees. The cake is done with it cooks away from the edges. Keep an eye on it as it is cooking so that it doesn't over cook.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Year In The Maine Woods

I was given, A Year In The Maine Woods, a while back. I finally decided to start reading it last night. I was up till midnight reading it. I couldn't put it down. Great book about a man who wants to escape it all and does it in a small cabin in the Maine wilderness. In a cabin with no running water or electricity that is built out of hand-cut logs. He spend his time rediscovering nature, tracking deer, and more. This book even has some sketches in it. Just a really good book. A real surprise for me , because it is not the usual type of book that I would pick for myself.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness For an Earthquake

An earthquake can strike any time and better preparedness for an earthquake can ensure your safety and your family's safety. During an earthquake, one can feel vibration of the ground, noise which progressively grows louder, swaying sensation etc. Most injuries and deaths from earthquake are due to falling objects and debris, especially near the entry and exit points. Knowing how an earthquake can affect you and planning to deal with it beforehand can greatly reduce the chances of injury and death.
Emergency preparedness for an earthquake involves discussing with your family about steps to take when an earthquake occurs. When people are filled with panic and fear during an earthquake, they tend to act in an improper way. Planning to deal with an earthquake before it occurs can enable your family to act in the best possible way when the earthquake strikes.

Top 10 Emergency Preparedness For an Earthquake:

Here are the top 10 emergency preparedness tips for an earthquake:

  • Know the safe spots in your home: Safe spots are those places where there is a minimal chance of an object and debris falling from above. Some examples of safe spots are hallways, archways, room corners, spots under heavy tables, desks etc.
  • Practice Safety Drills With Your Family: Safety drills are the actions one has to take during an earthquake. Some of the safety drills you can practice with your family are - getting under heavy table or desk; covering one's face with arms; staying clear of places where objects can fall; standing or crouching in safe spots, corners, and strongly supported doorways.
  • Evacuation Plans: An evacuation plan enables your family to escape during the first signs of emergency. You can discuss and come up with a sketch of an evacuation plan for your house. You can also include a second evacuation plan.
  • Repair: Leaky gas connections, improper electrical wiring and defective utility services can be hazardous during emergency. So, make sure you repair such problems in your home by seeking professional help.
  • Anchor the appliances, fixtures: Anchor the appliances such as refrigerator, gas equipment, furnace, water heater etc. firmly to the wall. Overhead lightning fixtures should also be anchored. This will minimize the falling of objects during an earthquake.
  • Put Heavy Objects in Lower shelves: Heavy objects, breakables such as china, glass etc. should be placed in lower shelves. This will prevent them from falling and causing injuries during an earthquake.
  • Make a list of important information: Write down important such as important telephone numbers, vehicle numbers, medications list, bank account numbers etc. and put them in a secure place.
  • Make a priority List: Make a priority list which details the actions to be done when an earthquake strikes. Your list can include important things to carry such as food, utilities etc., turning off utilities, locking doors, using fire extinguisher etc.
  • Store Important Documents: Store important documents such as insurance policies, education certificates, birth certificates, wills etc. in a fire-proof safe.
  • Ensure your home has stable foundation: Make sure your home has a strong foundation. Also take up any repairs if necessary.

Emergency preparedness for an earthquake minimizes injury, damage to your home and increases your safety. So, make sure you prepare yourself beforehand to escape the disastrous affects of an earthquake.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Growing A Jeweled Rose: 100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play

Growing A Jeweled Rose: 100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play

Awesome list and ideas for using them. Frugal way to have fun and also use some of the items for homeschool. I go to Dollar Tree  at least once a week for homeschool supplies!! They also have a lot of different styles of solar-powered lights. Great for emergencies!! My Little Man uses his solar-powered rock lights for night lights!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Seed Safe

I have finally found the perfect solution to your food storage and emergency supply needs! Do you find yourself facing any of the following problems?

• Trying to become prepared for emergencies but not knowing how much food, water, or storage space you'll need.

 • Getting frustrated with the lack of information about all the options you have when it comes to food storage.

 • Having enough food for your family, but not having enough space to store it in.

• Worrying about your food storage rotting or going bad without you noticing until it's too late.

 • Feeling skeptical about whether your government (local or federal) will really be able to help you when the system collapses. SEEDSAFE Are you asking any of these questions?

• How can I prepare for an emergency without breaking my budget?

• Is there a way for me to provide for each member of my family's specific tastes and nutritional needs?

 • Can I simplify and streamline my emergency preparations down to just one or two steps?

• Will any business out there just be honest with me about what products I'm getting and exactly what that will do for me?

 • How will I take care of my family when more conventional means—like grocery stores or even governmental assistance—are not an option? If so, click here for the ultimate solution for how to take care of your family—before you run out of time!

The Ready Garden is meant to be a failsafe in a disaster or economic crisis. It's for those times when food is scarce or money is tight, or if you just want to learn how to be more self-reliant and live more organically. The Ready Garden contains a full acre’s worth of open-pollinated, non-GMO heirloom seeds that can be grown naturally. Open-pollination means that these seeds, unlike the hybrid seeds that most retailers sell, aren’t sterile—you can harvest seeds from your crops and use them over and over again. So you aren’t just buying enough heirloom seeds to fill an acre for one year—you’re buying a garden that will last beyond your lifetime.  SEEDSAFE

Starting a survival garden will not only save you money in the long run, but would also be very important if there was a disaster in which the stores ran out of food. Eating healthy is all the rage these days. In grocery stores you will see the regular fruits and vegetables then you have the organic ones. I feel that the only way to really know what is truly organic or not is if you plant the food or kill the animal yourself. So, starting a survival garden with heirloom seeds is the best way to really know what fruits and vegetables you are getting, while also having a renewable and reliable food source.

About Heirloom Seeds

The next question to answer is: what are heirloom seeds? Heirloom seeds, also called heritage seeds, are seeds that are generally 50 years old and older. These heirloom seeds are valuable for a few different reasons. One reason is that the vegetables taste much better than what you buy at the store. Also, there is a much larger selection of vegetables and fruits than what can be found at the grocery store and, the reason that they are popular among preppers or survivalists, they produce seeds that can be harvested and used in the next planting season.

If you are going to start a survival garden able enough to produce vegetables and fruits long after a disaster, you will want a garden that produces a variety of delicious produce. At the grocery store, the variety of produce you will find is quite small. Usually you will only find 1 type of each vegetable which really limit the flavors you will get. The selection of heirloom seeds for your survival garden is almost ridiculous. You can normally find 30 - 50 different types of each vegetable and fruit. If you don't like orange carrots, you can try a white or yellow carrot. Having a variety is always great, but even more so when a disaster strikes and no food is left in the grocery store.

The produce that comes from your survival garden will also taste better than what you normally buy. The produce will probably not look the same and can even have a different shape than what you may think of for a certain vegetable. The flavor can also be somewhat different, but will give you different flavors to keep you from getting bored with what you grow.

The most important aspect of your survival garden is that it should be sustainable. The standard seed packets you can buy are hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds have been genetically modified to provide much larger harvests that look more uniform and can produce larger vegetables. The down side to these seeds is that most of the harvest does not produce more seeds, and/or the seeds will not produce vegetables if planted. An heirloom seed may not produce the largest harvest, but they are more valuable than a hybrid harvest as the seeds can be saved the next year to replant your crop.

As you can see, with a survival garden, heirloom seeds would be mandatory if you plan to have crops every single year. Heirloom seeds can really lead to self-sufficiency and can even lead to profit by selling some of your harvest and/or the seeds. When there is a disaster, and the main source of commerce is the barter system, your survival garden may save your life and allow you to stock up on supplies. The price of heirloom seeds may be a little higher than standard seeds, but the benefits are so great that there is no reason these seeds should not be added to your survival stockpile.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

History Lover's Cookbook

History Lover's Cookbook was free for the Kindle when I wrote this. Huge cookbook with tons of lore. 404 pages!

From the description:

Over 150 full-color photos inspired by nineteenth century recipes, anecdotes, and the Civil War

History Lover’s Cookbook will transport readers through the Battle of First Bull Run/Manassas to April 9, 1865, where General Robert E. Lee stood under an apple tree to dispatch his surrender to General Grant. Do you know what he was eating when he surrendered?

Prepare a picnic of lemonade, raspberry shrub, mint julep, fried chicken, ham sandwiches, potato salad with boiled dressing, cold slaw, soda biscuits and quince marmalade to observe one of the many Civil War re-enactments throughout the United States.

Enjoy eating tea cakes while viewing more than 150 full-color photos of replica Civil War items, re-enactors portraying Abraham Lincoln, Generals Custer, Lee and Grant, foods and recipes inspired by the nineteenth century.

Share in the Union’s Thanksgiving holiday by preparing recipes from the chapter, Siege at Petersburg.

Find out what General Grant ate every morning with his breakfast.

Roxe Anne Peacock brings the nineteenth century and Civil War era to life through the wonderful photography depicted throughout the book.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Prepared in The Wilderness

Prepared in The Wilderness was free for the Kindle when I wrote this.

From the description:

 What if America collapsed economically as a nation? What if
international agencies cooperated with local agencies to seize
property and place individuals that resist the global agenda into
internment camps or murder them on site? What if you the reader were
immersed into this situation? What if the only place you could
relocate to was towards the uncertainty of the wilderness but found
refuge in a community that was embedded there? What if your task was
to locate other places of interest and refuge as well as tracking
routes with your only available means of doing so were to read letters
between two brothers with coded writings that also share their
experiences from months prior as they share the events surrounding
them, reconcile their relationship, and cling to hope of Messiah's
return? Are you willing? Are you able? Are you ready to be immersed
into the lives of two brothers that are embedded in communities, live
life practically, share everything, utilize their gifts for the well
being of the community, and most importantly to dig into the
scriptures yourself? Are you ready to be prepared in the Wilderness??

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade Paint For The Kiddos!!

We have fun with this. Great way to make paint for the kids. I make this and let my son have fun.

1 cup salt

 1 cup flour

 1 cup water

 food coloring

That is it. Mix it in plastic squeeze bottles or plastic bowls that have lids. Make sure they are somewhere that is safe to get paint on and wear old clothes. I find that the more food coloring I add the more it stains. That is the only bad thing about this. I set my sons table outside when it is warm and he can paint all day!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Survivalist Cookbook - Recipes for Preppers

The Survivalist Cookbook - Recipes for Preppers was free for the Kindle when I wrote this post. In a Survivalist or Doomsday scenario, you and your family still need to eat!

This book provides 75+ essential recipes and food tips you need to take in order to insure your and your family's health and survival

If you expect to survive the aftermath of doomsday, you need to be prepared to keep you and your family safe and health. You'll learn how to make breads and biscuits, beans and rice, stews and soups, beef and chicken, and even desserts to keep your children happy!

Doomsday can be unpredictable, like a hurricane or a devastating earthquake, giving people only a few hours or days to prepare. Some believe this will happen and some think it's all a bunch of superstition, but why even take the chance. Even if you don’t believe that doomsday is near, there are dozens of other natural disaster and man-made problem scenarios you and your family may face that require you to survive in situations you had never even dreamed of: job losses, house fires, localized or global war, famine.
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