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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Organize Your Food Storage / Pantry

The best thing that I ever did was organize my food storage. I found so much that I did not realize I had stored back and some items that were out of date. Really has already saved me a ton of money!! I am preparing for winter already and if we have a worse "second" wave of this pandemic.

I was really surprised at how much we have. This is not even all of it. With it being organized now, I can easily see what we do need and get more of it. I can see when we are getting low on something before we run out of it. It took me almost 2 days to organize it all. But, it was something that had needed done for a while.

I used the plastic shelving that are easy to put together and can hold quite a bit. Holds a lot , but keeps it easy to see it all. I also used some of those plastic shoe box sized totes to put items in that are small , like packages of gravy mix, oatmeal packs, candy, etc. The buckets have rice and dried beans in them.
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