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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pinterest Boards

 Here are a few of my Pinterest boards that are about being self-sufficient. There are a ton of things in them all that need to be known and learned. One of the things that I have been doing whenever I get a chance, is printing off the stuff and putting it in a binder. That way even without power I will have the information on hand. I have found so much information on Pinterest that I had not even thought of before. It is a great place to find DIY projects, recipes, and more.


stockpile/food storage

dutch oven


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cloth Diapers!

Print this off to keep on hand as a reference on how to fold cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers on my Little Man and was amazed at how easy it actually was and how much money we saved. We did have several All In One (AIO) Cloth Diapers that we used for travel, etc. But actually used Prefold Diaper most of the time. Started using them when it was found out very early on that Little Man was allergic to diapers. Something in the gel stuff that is in them to catch the leaks. UGH. If you are looking for a way to save money and have a baby in the house try using cloth diapers. Safer for them than diapers and saves money!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paracord: A Step By Step Beginners Guide To Making Paracord Bracelets And Projects Everyone Will Love!

Paracord: A Step By Step Beginners Guide To Making Paracord Bracelets And Projects Everyone Will Love! was a free Kindle book when I wrote this post.

 Paracord bracelets and accessories are simple crafts for the young and old, survivalist, sports fan, fashionista, or crafter.
This report was written to teach the basics of paracord. Paracord for beginners shows the simple and improved
techniques of making paracord crafts. The pictures in this book are a guide on how to knot and weave paracord.
Each chapter will teach the reader basic skills needed to make bracelets, fobs, and necklaces such as length
of paracord, tools, and techniques.Originally used as parachute suspension lines during World War II, paracord has since
become a means to create an immeasurable variety of useful items, survival tools, and decorative ties.

Inside You will discover:

1.. What Exactly do you need to get started?

2.. Paracord prep and The cobra weave bracelet

3.. 2 color splicing

4.. 2 color pirhana weave bracelet

5.. Milipede weave bracelet

6.. King cobra weave and Diamond Knot

7.. paracord necklace With a 3 cord braid

And Much Much More!

What is the importance of First Aid in being prepared?

When we talk about being prepared, we mean having an all rounder approach. Self sufficiency; providing for and protecting your family doesn’t just mean knowing how to plant and grow vegetables, it also includes being able to care for them in a time of crisis. First Aid skills are vital in protecting your family during times of crisis. If you have children, you know how difficult it is to keep an eye on them and stop them from injuring themselves on any old day. While you may not be able to stop every injury from happening, you can help stop a regular injury from becoming any worse. Cuts and bruises for example are prominent among kids, but with a little know-how you can stop these from becoming infected, swollen and even painful. Having a well stocked First Aid kit is the first step towards being properly prepared for injuries, to take a step further, you could take a first aid course, like the ones at First Aid Management and Training Centre, which will equip you with all the skills you will need to protect your family from any nasty injuries. Remember to use common sense though, if the injury looks too serious for you be of any help, immediately call the emergency services so they can quickly assist and stop any serious situation from becoming any worse.
Knowing the basics of first aid is an amazing skill to have, it not only saves lives, but it is helpful towards the community. Depending on the size of your community, if emergency services are not in close range, you could be the key to keeping someone alive or letting them die waiting for a distance ambulance. If you are serious about being prepared, giving yourself vital skills is the best thing you could do.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cast Iron Cooking Recipes

Cast Iron Cooking Recipes was a free Kindle Book when this post was written.

 In this book you will discover some of the best cast iron skillet recipes, both savory and sweet. They are all fail-proof, fairly easy to make and fun to cook, but most of all they are delicious, packed with lovely, different flavors. There is a bit for everyone so go ahead, grab this book and spoil yourself with a healthy, stunning dish made in a cast iron pan.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Try Out Survival Skills & Items Before You Actually Need Them

I received a Bemco Backpacker Oven a while back to review and loved it so much. I am using those Sterno heater things in it right now and cannot find them anywhere in my small town and it is about 50 miles one way to get to somewhere that would have them for sale. Well, we were at the Dollar Tree the other day and I usually stay away from the party decor aisle. I just never need that stuff. Little Man seen a balloon and went running, I chased after him and way back in the corner were some of these Fancy Heat things. They look like Sterno heaters , but when you take off the lid they actually have a wick. $1.00 for them so I bought 2 of them to try out. I am trying one out now in my backpacker oven to see how good they work. So far, it is heating up good. It says on the label that is should heat for 2 hours. Plenty enough time to cook something up in the oven. The corn bread is in the oven now and it really seems to me that these are going to work. I will be going back to Dollar Tree and getting some more of these to cook with. Great to know that they work really well and are only $1.00!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mom's N Babe's Sewing Patterns & Cloth Diaper Store

Mom's N Babe's Sewing Patterns & Cloth Diaper Store

More sewing patterns have been added. Great way to save money, by sewing your own clothes. I have added some men's and boy's patterns now.

Frugal Cooking for Simple Living (90+ Recipes)

Frugal Cooking for Simple Living (90+ Recipes) was a free Kindle book when I wrote this post.

Okay, you've done it. You've made the decision. You're going against the grain, and you're going to live frugally.

Good for you!

This Frugal Cooking cookbook has over 90 recipes! It is divided into easy-to-find categories, helping you find exactly what you're craving.

You'll learn recipes for Breads, Salads, Pastas, Meats, Cookies and Desserts, and so much more!

Your family will love trying new delights from this cookbook and you'll quickly find that eating frugally can equal eating well!

So grab this book today, and you can be cooking frugally and feeling great in no time!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies

How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies was a free Kindle book when I wrote this blog post.

Your Baby Deserves The Best Of Everything -- And That Includes Their Food!

Making homemade baby food may sound intimidating and time-consuming, but the reality is that it is easier than you could have ever imagined! Chances are you already have everything you need to get started. Making your own baby food at home is not only good for the planet and your pocket book, but it puts you in control of quality and ingredients, which means you know exactly what your little one is getting with each delicious spoonful.

How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies has been lovingly compiled by a group of moms who wanted to share their journey, both trials and triumphs, of making natural, organic baby food right in their very own kitchens.

Inside this book you will discover:
  • The awesome benefits of making baby food at home
  • Everything you need to know to get started (Equipment, Preparation Basics, How To Store)
  • Tips for traveling on a homemade baby food diet
  • Shopping lists for babies 6 to 10 months
  • Spices and seasonings that are safe and scrumptious for your baby
  • How to prevent allergic reactions and recognize potentially life threatening symptoms
  • How to make over 30 delicious blends for babies 6 to 10 months
What you feed your baby today will affect your baby's health tomorrow so there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that every spoonful is helping your little one grow up to be happy and healthy. Making your own baby food is the best decision for you and baby!

Discover How To Get Started And Buy How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies Today!

Food Storage Recipe - Asian Beef & Noodles

Asian Beef & Noodles 

1 pound of ground beef 

2 cups water

2 packs of oriental flavored ramen noodles

2 cups of frozen stir fry vegetables mix

2 tablespoons thinly sliced green onions

In a large skillet brown the ground beef and then drain very well. Season the beef with one of the seasoning packs from the noodles.

In the same skillet, combine 2 cups of water, noodles (broken up), vegetables, and the remaining seasoning pack. Bring this to a boil and then reduce the heat. Cover this and let it simmer for a few minutes or until the noodles are done. 

Stir in the green onion before serving this.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prepared For Survival - Tip For The Week

    Just a little tip to share that might save your families life. 

Set up one room in your home to be a "Safe-Room"! A room that can be easily heated, sealed, and easy to protect. Make sure that it can be sealed to protect from a chemical or biological threat and that you have it stocked with all of the food and supplies that you would need during a emergency like that. We have a back bedroom that we have set up for just this type of thing. It only has one small window so that was easy to seal and it is also covered. We put most of our food storage and any other "tool" in that room also. Didn't take a lot of work and it didn't take any money to do this! Being prepared doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The number one way to get prepared for any emergency or situation is to get control of your money. We have fought long and hard to get control of our money and bills and are finally seeing the fruits of it. Actually starting to get some savings.

The one thing that we had to do first is cut out anything that was not needed. Bye-bye cable! First thing to go was the cable. I bought a Roku box a couple of years ago and we use Netflix and there are also some great FREE channel apps for the Roku now.

We also stopped renting from the rent to own store. We had big screen plasma tvs from them - 2 of them! - 65.00 a week. WHY?? Hubby said we had to have the big tvs because everyone else has them and that we had to have them for the HDTV. NO we don't! I sent them  back. We have our older tvs back in the house and feel much better that we have an extra 65.00 a week to use for savings or stuff that we need. I had to dig out the digital tv convertor boxes to hook up for the free local tv stations. That is the one thing that has been the hardest with my hubby - he thinks that we should keep up with the Jones and he thinks that if he makes money we should spend it. It has been a long time of fighting with him about that. Slowly getting him to see things differently and see what is needed and not.

Car insurance was another thing that was a huge expense for us. Almost 300.00 a month. After we added our son onto it it went up! Plus he bought his own car so it was added to the policy. We called around and found one that was a lot lower, but when hubby called to cancel our current one they asked why and that they didn't want to lose our 10 years of service. Hubby just told them the other place was giving us discount for son being in college etc. Current company put him on hold for a few minutes and came back and told him that they had found us some discounts and that now our insurance for 2 cars with full coverage is now only going to be 140 a month!! YAY!!!

We still have a couple of more things to do that will save us even more money and hope to have it all done before winter. Hopefully next spring we will be able to move to our own piece of land. That is our goal.

Take a look at all of your expenses - cut out what isn't needed. Little changes can go a long way and help you more in the long run.

Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family

How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family was a free Kindle book when I wrote this blog post!


Hurricanes, winter storms, earthquakes, house fires - what would you do if you were caught up in any one of these?

How would you protect your loving family and valuable home?

Amazon best-selling Author Judith Turnbridge tells you exactly how with these and other emergency situations in her new book How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family.

Here's how this book can help you...

Many newcomers to disaster 'prepping' are put off before they even begin because of the overwhelming amount of information out there. With Judith's new book she'll break it down into manageable chunks using only easy to understand language, while at the same time avoiding the more radical survivalist elements. That means you can put a survival action plan into place starting from today!

Here's a reality check...

It's only when you have your plan in place that other possible hazards might come to light should an emergency occur. These hazards could impede your ability to escape or survive at home, so the last thing you would want are any nasty surprises when you were least expecting them.

Having a plan in place will also minimize the amount of stress you and your family would feel and so lessoning the risk of making a poor judgement. That is why this book is so important!

Some of the topics covered in this essential book include:
  • Should you stay in your home or evacuate
  • How to make an evacuation plan
  • What to do when family members are not all in the same location
  • How to make an emergency preparedness kit (a bug-out bag)
  • What you should include in a first aid kit
  • What to do if you plan to stay at home
  • What to do about food storage and how much would be needed
  • What to do about purifying and storing water
  • What other essentials would you need
  • How to deal with your kids, the disabled and vulnerable, and even your pets
  • The 10 most common disasters and how you should deal with them
Don't put off till tomorrow what can be done today because disaster can strike when you least expect it. Everyone should consider how to protect themselves and you can begin today by reading How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family. The small cost of this book could save your life - be prepared!

Tomatoes Everywhere!

We have tomatoes coming out of our ears this year! Somehow the plants are all over our yard. All around the house and around the shed. They just keep coming up each year. And in more places. I have one tied up in the back of the house and it has taken over the back porch. Pretty good for some privacy though. It stands about 7 feet tall. Nothing else is taking off though. :( My Little Man's lemon trees and green peppers are doing good. They are in buckets. But, these tomatoes are driving me crazy. I have even cut down a few of them around the shed a couple of times - THEY JUST COME BACK! ZOMBIE TOMATOES!

Salsa will be made soon!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

How To Clean A Fish - New Tool Needing to Learn!

The one thing that I love about spring , summer, and fall is that we get chances to go fishing. We are planning on going again in a couple of weeks so that My mom and sister-in-law can teach me how to clean fish. I can fish all day long and catch tons of fish , but I don't know how to clean them. What if hubby wasn't around, etc.

One of my favorite phrases that my grandpa always said was "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

I have found some great videos on Youtube showing how. I have been watching them to get myself ready for them to teach me. It doesn't look hard. I have always just had others around me that would grab the fish, clean and cook it. I need to learn how to do it myself. We all need to learn things now - before it gets too late.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haeleum Women's Lyft Shirt - Insect Shield In A Shirt

There are so many amazing items out there that you can be prepared for anything now! This is one of those items. Haeleum Women's Lyft Shirt has the insect shield right in it. It is made out of light weight drythru Polyester. Stays cool. The long sleeves provide even more protection from insects, but you stay cool.It is moisture wicking. Draws the moisture away from your body so that you stay cool.

This shirt has Insect Shield technology built right into it. An odorless protective barrier against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, and chiggers. Protect yourself against West-Nile virus and Lyme Disease. No harmful sprays or irritating odors. This clothing can be worn by children and even by pregnant women.  Just get outside and enjoy your time. This is durable and the insect repellant in this will last through 70 washings. With normal home laundering. No dry-cleaning. 

If you spend anytime at all outside, than you have to get some of these shirts. They even have 50 UPF sun protection and with the insect shield , this makes this a must-have. It feels good on and will be great for traveling because it is also wrinkle free. Just throw it into your suit case and go. I really love this shirt. It feels good on and knowing that it keeps the pest away is a huge plus. I live in Southern Indiana and we have a lot of mosquitoes and chiggers  this time of year. It felt good to go out and work in the yard and not end up with a ton of bites. I am the one in the family that is always getting bit. Everyone around me not having one bug bother them, I go into house after being out and am covered in bites. I feel so much better wearing something that is not bad for everyone, like spray is.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Haeleum Women's Lyft Shirt  for free from  Haeleum Women's Lyft Shirt as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homemade Blueberry Fruit Rollups!

A neighbor gave me about 10 cups of blueberries Yesterday and I thanked them , then started to wonder what I would do with them. Luckily hubby is home on vacation , because he said to make some fruit leather with them. Something that we all would like and it would keep longer. Maybe. So I got them all cleaned up and put into the blender. I used the recipe that I seen on Youtube by the TheRecipeDude. Very easy to do! I took the picture when I checked it after about 4 hours. I think that It will take about another 4 -5 hours. I have 2 fruit leather trays. Used 2 cups of blueberries per tray. I still have 6 cups of blueberries to make into leather. The first tray I made for this had some strawberries thrown into it. Wonder which tray will taste the best??

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple Meal Ideas for Day Hikes and Other Outdoor Adventures

Easy Hiking Recipes: Simple Meal Ideas for Day Hikes and Other Outdoor Adventures was free Kindle book when I wrote this post.

 If you love the outdoors but are tired of eating the same cold pizza, fast food, and energy bars when you're out on an adventure, this book is for you.

If you want to eat well while hiking, but don't like long, involved recipes with lots of expensive ingredients, this book is for you.

If prefer to ad lib and get creative with your cooking, rather than following recipes word for word, this book is for you!

Delicious, homemade meals can enhance your outdoor experience, help you save money, and perhaps even improve your performance on the trail.

This book contains simple recipes that are easy to make, pack well, and contain nutrients you need to keep your energy high all day.

You'll also get packing and nutrition tips, and hundreds of recipe variations to spur your own creativity when whipping up a quick meal. You don't just get one Roasted Almonds recipe; you get 16 flavor variations. You don't just get one Polenta recipe; you get a basic recipe with 20 seasoning options.

Whether you're biking, paddling, rock climbing, or hiking, this book will help you make a delicious, easy meals for your outdoor adventures.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My New favorite Survival Gear - Bemco Backpacker Oven!

This is absolutely amazing. I had to try it out as soon as I received it. Perfect chance for letting my son make something. He picked out blueberry "muffins". We used the pans that came with it so they were more like cake. But, that was fine. This Bemco Backpacker Oven is so easy to put together and use. It is in a nylon bag to keep it all together and ready for taking on the road. After I used this today, I know for sure that this would be great for a bug-out vehicle , camping, or to just use anytime for off-the-grid life.

I read through the instructions one time and in about 5 minutes I had my Sterno lit up and preheating the oven. My son mixed up the blueberry muffins to put in! I had this set up on our back deck with a cookie sheet under it. It worked so well. I was really surprised and loved the idea of having baked something without heating up the house. I LOVE THIS!! I really recommend anyone who wants to have a survival lifestyle and be prepared for anything to get one of these. This is the 7 inch one and it only weighs about 24 ounces, making it great for a backpack. It heats up quick and saves on your cooking fuel. I used a Sterno , but you can also use it set up on a RV cooktop or use hot coals from your grill in it. The heat stays in this and cooks up quick. Reaches 500 degrees quickly. It cooked up our cakes evenly and the bottoms were perfect. No scorching at all.  I am going to use this a lot.  It is made of lightweight aluminum, so it will be easy to get out and put up. I won't be lugging around a heavy oven. Tomorrow I am going to make some of my homemade biscuits and have my hubby make some gravy. This is my new favorite Survival Gear!!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Bemco Backpacker Oven  for free from Bemco Backpacker Oven as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

Monday, August 5, 2013

How To Be Prepared In Case of A Disaster

Natural disasters and emergencies are something that are unavoidable so it is important to be prepared. Not being prepared can cause a lot of problems and suffering for the family facing the disaster. There is a lot you can do to prepare their family for an emergency, the best thing you can do is to build a supply of necessities that will be needed.
Electronics play a key role in staying safe during a disaster. Flashlights and extra batteries will be necessary just in case the power goes out. A battery powered radio or a NOAA weather radio is a must in order to be aware of what is going on outside the walls of your home. Solar generators or chargers will also come in handy for cell phones and other little things to help pass the time.
Health and Safety:
Health and safety is always important even in a state of disaster. A first aid kit is very important to keep in your emergency supply. Your first aid kit should contain basic supplies such as bandages, moist toilets, rubbing alcohol, ace bandages, and even butterfly strips. Plastic sheeting and duct tape is another must have just in case a temporary shelter needs to be put together.
Food and Water:
Most importantly you are going to need to have a supply of non-perishable food and water. Non-perishable foods consist of canned foods, peanut butter, cereal, nuts and trail mixes, powdered milk, and dried fruits such as raisins. You should store enough food to provide 3 meals per person over a 3 day period. A supply of clean water is key to making it through a disaster; one gallon of water per person for at least three days is the recommended amount of water to keep stored.
Other Necessities:
Other items that you should add to your list of items to store in case of a disaster are a can opener, dust masks, a small tool kit, whistles, rope, candles, matches and of course pet food for all of your furry friends! If you really want to be prepared sleeping bags, pillows and blankets will provide comfort for your family in a time of need. A deck of cards will help soothe the nerves of the kiddos around you as well.

Whether it is a hurricane, a blizzard or even a power outage it is important that you are prepared in case of any emergency or disaster. If you have the necessary items stored and ready at all times then it will be a much less stressful experience having to deal with such a disaster. The best way to gather all of your items is to make a list of everything you need and place it in a storage area that is safe and easy to access at all times.

Jacob is an emergency preparedness blogger for Check out more articles on preparedness and survival on the Survivalbased blog.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 Steps to Grow a Survival Garden, the Creative and Affordable Way

A survival garden is much more than an emergency preparedness tool. It’s an affordable way to put healthy, organic foods on your family’s table every day. Gardening is a stress-free way to close the gap between your food needs and your food budget. Use these three simple steps to get your survival garden up and growing strong.

How to Grow a Survival Garden

  1. Choose Your Spot – Pick an area nowhere near a septic system. The area needs to get a nice amount of open sunlight during the daytime.
  2. Prepare the Ground – Use a pick to break the ground up well, as well as any dirt clods. Using a rake, remove any rocks and roots of your lawn’s grass. If you’ve been using chemicals, you should remove the dirt and replace it with organic topsoil. Make sure any manure you use has been composited to avoid burning new growth.
  3. Choose Your Greenery – The varieties you choose should be able to survive throughout most of the seasons of the year. Here are a few tips for choosing survival seeds and plants for your survival garden:
    1. Plant lettuce during early spring. Reddish lettuce varieties have a greater resistance for cold weather.
    2. There are some types of peas that also tolerate cold weather well.
    3. Mustard greens, kale and other greens are a must. Just a couple rows can feed your family several meals each day.
    4. Beans are also a must. They’re extremely filling and packed with nutrients. They are great for all purposes, simply because they can be frozen for later.
    5. During the fall season, cabbage, broccoli and other cold tolerant veggies can be grown, in certain areas.
    6. Potatoes are another must-have for your survival garden. They’re easy to grow, and provide your family with a filling starch food perfect as an addition to any meal.
    7. Planting corn and some other staple crops serves two purposes. Each of these foods can be prepared in multiple ways, giving you variety during hard times. They also provide shade for your more tender crops, such as beans and squash.
    8. Tomatoes, both regular and cherries, are one of the most productive plants for any survival garden. Beefsteak is one variety of tomatoes that bears an abundance of fruit. Tomatoes are also one of the most trouble-free plants to grow, making them great for survival gardens.
    9. Add a variety of other veggies, such as cucumbers, parsley and carrots. These items will help to keep your salads interesting when roughing-it.
    10. Don’t forget about spices for seasoning and/or pickling your foods. Some popular ones include basil, cilantro and dill weed, which can be used daily for your everyday cooking.
Always keep variety in mind. It’ll be very important to you when you’re surviving on food storage and other survival foods. Survival gardens provide your family with healthy, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to sustain any disaster.
Interested in taking the organic approach to grow your survival garden? The best way to ensure that your family’s eating organic produce is to grow it yourself. With Daily Bread Survival Seeds, you’re always prepared for long-term emergencies.

Note to Editor: is a direct link to the “Daily Bread Survival Seeds” in the link. It should go directly to survival seeds, not the home page.

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