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Friday, September 24, 2010

I got my New Book!

I finally got my new book,Country Wisdom & Know-How, in the mail. And I must say that it is awesome. It is much bigger than I thought that it would be. It is like a paperback coffee table book. That is the only way that I can describe it. It has everything in it. Much more information than some of my other books. Great book for such a low price. I have paid much more for books that have been smaller and with only one thing in them. So this is going to be one of my go-to books for my survival bookshelf. I am glad that I spent the money for it.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kersosene Heater

What would be the best Kerosene heater to get for my small house? It is about 1200 square feet. I want to have one for backup and the old one I had is not wanting to work right. I need to get a new one. The last one we had was only 10,000 BTU, so I am thinking that we would need a bigger one. Does anyone have any advice on the best brands and sizes to get?

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Emergency Crank Radio

Emergency Crank Radio-An Important Part of Your Home Emergency Kit

Particularly when you live in a climate or area that can produce some inclement weather, the possession of some devices that can help to keep you safer is a good idea. The weather and other things can offer some severe challenges to your ability to protect your family. Making sure that you have a way to stay in touch and to hear weather, fire, or other reports as they happen is an important part of keeping your family and home safe.

Recent history shows that events such as Katrina, the California wildfires and events such as the Nebraska ice storm several years ago that left more than 1500 people without power for several weeks proves to us that nature can be harsh. Being prepared for these eventualities is just common sense.

A good idea is to always have a kit in your home, no matter where you live. The ideal inclusions to this will be a hand crank solar lantern and a hand crank radio.

Those who lived without the power in Nebraska two years ago found that emergency radios were the only way that many of them could stay on top of the additional storms that were coming into the area. With no power at all, an emergency crank radio will be the only way to stay in contact with others and to hear weather and news reports that may be life-saving to you and to your family.

Many of us remain, sadly, unprepared for emergency situations. Your home should have an emergency kit inside it that offers you clean water for several days, hand crank lanterns, emergency radios, first aid supplies as well as non-perishable foods that can be easily opened an consumed without the need for cooking.

An emergency crank radio should be your first purchase as it is your first line of defense. These are basically radios that may be cranked to produce electricity to operate them, or may be solar charged to produce that power. They are by and large a self contained unit that will also be able to use batteries or to be plugged into a computer for a recharge.

The vast majority of the emergency crank radios that you will find are equipped with multiple bands. They are either AM and FM, as well as short wave that may permit you to tune to home radios as well, which is a definite bonus when it comes to dealing with an emergency situation such as a tornado, a wildland fire, or a blizzard.

Some units are also able to tune to fire and police bands to permit you to hear those as well. NO matter where you live, an emergency kit and a hand crank radio is an important tool that no home should be without.

Nicole Roberts has hand emergency crank radios, radios with cell phone chargers, 2-way radios, radios with flashlights, solar powered radios, solar powered flashlights, crank flashlights, GPS Navigators and emergency supplies to help you be prepared for any disaster. We are here to provide a high quality product at incredible prices.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Survive a Full Economic Collapse

An economic collapse is defined as a distressing collapse of a national, regional, or territorial economy. It is basically a stern economic depression characterized by a quick boost in impoverishment and job loss. Today, we have seen the weakening of the US dollar while the prices of commodities such as oil, grain and gold rises. Many have feared for the economic stability of our country.

But what can one do to survive from full economic collapse? The U.S. dollar is already weakening and it may be hard to save the investments of this debt-driven economy. On the other hand, it is never too late to find out some fundamental survivalist skills.

Create an arrangement for how to endure a full economic collapse. Record your debts and assets. Your objectives should comprise of no debt and the procurement and storage of important assets.

You should pay all your debts and shun from getting new ones by paying with cash as an alternative of credit cards. Focus on paying debts with high interest, loans with amendable rates and unsecured debts first.

Reconsider your stocks and mutual funds. In order to monetarily survive a total economic collapse, your funds have to be safe.

Acquire goods and valuables. Buy necessary food supplies such as whole grains and legumes, which can be easily stored.

Form a relationship with your neighbors and assemble a community wherever you are. In the occurrence of full economic collapse, life will become very restricted and endurance will depend on working together with others.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can't Wait Until I get This Book!

I just ordered this book and it should be here next week sometime. I can't wait. I have not gotten any new books in a while and I hope that this one is all that it appears to be.

What new books have you gotten lately? Share with us the ones that are a must have for any survival bookshelf.

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What is the Best Survival Food to Store and Depend on During Emergencies?

Disasters can happen where you have to rely on your food supplies at home. Getting together some survival food isn't as complex as it might seem. Having the best emergency survival foods, those that won't spoil but still offer good nutrition, are the ones to keep stored for those unpredictable situations.

High Quality Survival Foods

Survival food bars - You can get these in 3600 calorie per day packs. It won't be the best tasting but they will store awhile and provide massive calories. Also looking into bicyclist and backpacker's bars as those are high in calories and require no preparation.

Freeze dried survival food - There are Made Ready to Eat meals and others that are freeze dried and can be stored for long periods of time.

Peanut Butter.

Brown rice - Brown rice offers a bit more nutrition than white rice and will keep your blood sugar from spiking as much.

Beans - Beans are high in protein which is a good option when meat might not be as available.

Seasoning - You don't want your food to taste bland. Keep extra seasonings to provide extra tastes.

Canned goods.

Sprouts - Sprout seeds can be stored for 2 to 3 years and can be grown in a jar in less than a week. Keep these seeds on hand to provide fresh greens which are some of the most nutritious food ever.

Food Storage Strategies

It's best to store the food you already eat. Start rotating a stock of food that you already have so that you don't have to worry as much about long term storage and expiration dates.

Keep bottles of frozen water in the freezer. This will keep the temperature of the food down if you lose power allowing you to enjoy the foods you already have at home first before using your stored food. This also provides an additional water source once thawed.

Try to focus on basic goods over commercially packaged products. They have their place in food storage, but eventually these will expire where you can always be using the basic goods in normal day to day life.

Consider gardening as an option to make your stored food last much longer. A garden can extend the life of your stored food by quite a bit especially during the growing months.

Do you have a plan for natural disasters or pandemics?

Click and learn Urban Survival Skills to properly prepare and be ready for these situations.

Discover Food Storage Secrets that let you have a good supply of food without constant worry about expiration dates.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Don't be bored!

I guess , maybe because I am a mom, I don't know, but I also worry about having stuff to do if anything happens to where we are stuck in the house for any length of time. I buy puzzles, games, books, art supplies, toys, and anything else that I can find so that we are not bored. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the house , like during a winter storm, and having nothing to pass the time! I also have a solar powered battery charger so we can have handheld games and radios. I also have hand-crank radios! I love going to yard sales for this kind of stuff. Yesterday I went to one and got a stack of games and puzzles for $2.00!! I made sure of the game pieces were there first though, Nothing worse than trying to play Boggle with a piece missing!! The puzzles I got had never been opened! A favorite game in our house is Trivial Pursuit and we have all of the different ones.


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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Having food in your pantry is better than having money in the bank. You should have cash at home and not in the bank. What if During real hard times , banks might even close! Than how would you have access to any cash if it is all in the bank?? If this does happen , it would be so nice to be able to take care of your family because you thought ahead and had your food stockpile and cash on hand. Buy food and other necessities in bulk. This saves money and ensures that you have a lot of what you need on hand. Even if it is just for a emergency that last for several days , you are prepared. I am really trying to get prepared for this winter in advance. Last winter was so bad and we were frozen into our house for at least a month. I had used up most of our stockpile when my husband was laid-off for 6 months! I had not had a chance to get our stockpile built back up very good. So, this year I am getting prepared. I do not want to take ANY chance at all!!
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