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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Peanut Butter & Granola Wraps

Peanut Butter & Granola Wraps

•1 cup peanut butter

•1 cup granola

• ¼ peanuts (chopped)

•2 tablespoons honey

•1/2 cup dried cherries

•4 ten inch tortillas

In bowl, combine peanut butter, granola, chopped peanuts, and honey and mix well. Stir in dried cherries. Spread tortillas with peanut butter mixture. Roll up tortillas and cut in half.

dutch oven cooking

dutch oven 

Dutch Oven cooking is the best! Easily done when camping over a fire.

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Beginners Guide to Home Canning & Food Preserving: Recipes, Jams, Marmalades, Jellies, Chutneys, Relishes Plus More

A Beginners Guide to Home Canning & Food Preserving: Recipes, Jams, Marmalades, Jellies, Chutneys, Relishes Plus More... (Simple Living) was free when I wrote this.
It is an undeniable pleasure for the modern individual to look at the work accomplished by his or her own hands with a sense of pride and ownership. While humans will no longer generally starve to death if we don’t preserve food at home (as we once would have done) we still enjoy the self-reliance that doing so brings.

A Beginners Guide to Home Canning & Food Preserving is for anyone wanting to learn the art of Home Canning. The book cover such topics as:

History of Food Preservation
Definitions of Various Food Preservation Methods
Food Safety and Safety Precautions
Sourcing Tools, Equipment and Food
Altitude Adjustments
Water Bath Canning Details & Pressure Canning Details
Recipes Including Jams, Jellies, Butters, Chutneys, Relishes, Pickles and Meat Fish and Poultry

If you are an old hand at food preserving and canning you may even find a new recipe included in book.

Although the canning process is the most labor intensive procedure, all methods promote a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-reliance. There’s nothing like opening the pantry or freezer door on a frigid winter’s day, where the snow - already up to the window sills - is coming down so hard you can’t see your mailbox, and finding row upon row of neatly labeled produce and meats and remembering once again that if the world ended outside your door, your family would still eat well.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Mac

Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Mac

1 pound boneless chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces or you can use your canned chicken in this. 

1 cup milk

1 package deluxe mac and cheese dinner 

1 package of frozen broccoli florets , thawed

Cook up the chicken until it is completely done through. (If you are using the cut up chicken breast.)

Add  1 1/2 cup water , milk, macaroni to the chicken in the same pan. Stir it until it is well blended and bring it to a boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes or until the macaroni is done.

Add the cheese sauce and broccoli. Cook it until it is heated through - well blended - serve.



Friday, February 22, 2013

SurvivalNations - Surviving a Disease Pandemic (Survival-Survival Planning)

SurvivalNations - Surviving a Disease Pandemic (Survival-Survival Planning) was free for Kindle when I wrote this. SurvivalNations - Surviving a Disease Pandemic is an epic book describing all aspects of an outbreak of a worldwide pandemic and how to protect yourself and loved ones. It is part of Dr. Leland Benton’s “Survival Planning series” of books and it describes flu epidemics, what is swine flu, h1n1 virus, what is h1n1, flu outbreak, foodborne disease, and contagious diseases. It is a comprehensive desktop compendium and guidebook that describes everything you need to survive any pandemic.

Home Remedies from Weeds and Wild Flowers

Home Remedies from Weeds and Wild Flowers (Herbal Medicine from Your Garden or Windowsill) was free for your Kindle when I wrote this. This book gives you the information you need about many usually overlooked weeds and wildflowers; how to grow them, which parts to harvest and when, which remedies to make with them and what to use them for.

What's in this book:

One man's weed is another man's wild flower
Why organic growing methods are important
Safety first
Remedies in this book which can be used during pregnancy
Details for the following herbs: spiny amaranth, wild basil, lady's bedstraw, greater celandine, German chamomile, chickweed, coltsfoot, comfrey, white deadnettle, curled dock, sweet flag, fumitory, European goldenrod, goosegrass, wild lettuce, great mullein, nettles, wild onion, American pennyroyal, poppy, herb Robert, selfheal, thoroughwort, Indian tobacco, blue vervain and wormseed
Alphabetical Index of Remedies

The Quick & Easy Pioneers' Cookbook

The Quick & Easy Pioneers' Cookbook was a free Kindle book when I wrote this. A great one to have on hand. Pioneer cooking and recipes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Deep Dish Pizza Casserole

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole

1 package Velveeta Shells and Cheese 

1 pound ground beef

1 green pepper , chopped

1 small onion, chopped

1 jar of pizza sauce

shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Prepare the shells and cheese as stated on the box. While that is cooking cook up the ground beef with the peppers and onions in a large skillet. Drain it very well and then add the pizza sauce to it. Put the shells and cheese in to a baking dish . Top it with the meat mixture and the shredded cheese. Cover it and bake for about 20 minutes. SERVE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Jennifer Cockerham (jenc1971) on Pinterest

I got sucked in a while ago and am so addicted to pinning now. There is so much cool stuff out there that I want to actually try to do and so much that can be learned from other people. I love it. MAYBE someday I will actually do all of the things that I have pinned!!

HEY, if you have a Pinterest account share it in the comments!!

Food Storage Recipe - Your Dog's Favorite Treat

You have to make stuff for your doggies also!! Show them you love them and make them some homemade treats. They will love them. This is the recipe that I used for my rottie and shepherd! They wouldn't eat any other treat.

Your Dog's Favorite Treat

1 cup oatmeal

1/3 cup butter

1 teaspoon beef boullion granules

1/2 cup hot water

3/4 cup powdered milk

3/4 cup cornmeal

1 beaten egg

3 cups whole wheat flour

Combine the oatmeal, butter, and boullion in a large bowl. Pour the hot water over this and let it stand for about 5 minutes. Stir in the powdered milk, cornmeal, and the egg. Add the flour slowly - about 1/2 cup at a time. Mix it well after each time of you adding the flour. Knead this for a few minutes and add more flour if you need too make this a very stiff dough. Roll out the dough to about 1/2 inch thickness. Use a cookie cutter and place them on a greased baking sheet. Bake them at 325 degrees for 50 minutes. Allow them to cool all of the way and to dry out til they are hard. Store in a cool and dry place. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Chili, Chips, and Cheese Casserole

Easy and quick recipe that uses items that should be in your food storage.

Chili, Chips, and Cheese Casserole

1 bag of corn chips. 

1 can of red beans, but the great thing about this is that you can use any style of canned beans. Use what you have on hand. 

1 jar of mild salsa

1 can of chili

1 package of shredded cheese

1 cup of sour cream

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

In a large bowl mix together most of the chips, the beans, chili, salsa, and half of the cheese. Mix it well and then add it to a lightly greased baking dish. Bake it for 20 minutes and then top with the sour cream , remaining cheese, and the remaining chips. Put back into the oven and bake for another 10 minutes. Serve immediately. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Prepper Tips for Babies and Children

Emergency situations and natural disasters are never picture-perfect situations. When emergencies strike, we all need to be prepared to survive until the crisis is over. But, there are special circumstances when we have to put the needs of others before our own. When it comes to babies and children, they will turn to the adults around them for survival. That's why there are special preparations that need to be made for preppers who have children in the home. These tips are also valuable for businesses, such as schools and daycare centers, who serve children. These essential items should to be included in your emergency survival kit to ensure that babies and children have what they need:

Emergency Prepper Tips for Babies

Babies have unique needs. These needs must be met, even during a crisis situation. Here are some tips for preparing an emergency kit for babies:
  • Formula – Even if your baby is breastfed, exclusively, your kit should include formula for your baby. During an emergency, many women go through stress. Some even become dehydrated. Both of these factors can affect a mother's ability to breastfeed. Be sure to store formula with a long shelf life, such as canned formulas or powdered formula.
  • Diapers – It's always wise to store extra diapers, just in case. Emergency preparedness experts recommend cloth diapers for emergency kits. They take up less storage space than boxes of disposable diapers. They can also be washed out by hand to be re-used over and over again.
  • Clothing – Your storage should contain full outfits for each baby to last three or more days. It's best to store various sizes, just in case your baby goes through a growth spurt after your kit has been put together.
  • Baby Medication – As you know, your baby can't take medications made for adults. During a disaster, your baby may feel your stress. This could lead to minor colds, allergies, even stomach aches. Be sure you have baby-grade medications stored just in case your baby gets sick during an emergency.
  • Baby Carrier – As soon as a crisis hits, your first instinct will be to grab your baby. In a matter of seconds, you'll realize that you need to grab many other things, such as your emergency kits. It will be much easier to handle all of this at once if you can simply attach your baby to your body and keep moving. Have a convenient carrier ready for this purpose. Then, your hands will be free to grab other things as you and your baby run out the door.

Emergency Prepper Tips for Children

There are two major additions to your preparedness kit that must be included if there are children in your home:
  1. Emergency Food – Children can be notorious for being picky eaters. In a crisis situation, this can become a very serious problem. If your emergency food storage is filled with foods your child doesn't like, they may refuse to eat any of it. This can cause malnutrition, low-energy, low-blood sugar, and various other health risks. Be sure to store foods that your children actually enjoy eating. This will ensure that they get the vitamins, minerals and caloric intake they need to stay healthy during the crisis.
  2. Entertainment – Many parents may not feel like entertainment is essential during an emergency. However, a major tragedy can cause stress in children. Having entertainment that can help them escape from the stress caused by the disaster can help them maintain mentally. A good prepper should store a variety of games and puzzles, as well as other forms of entertainment for children.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Homemade Cracker-Jackish Snack

Your kids will be asking "Where is the prize?". But once they taste this awesome snack , they will forget all about that. Make this delicious snack at home! Everyone loves Cracker Jacks. This homemade crack-jackish treat is cheap, easy, and quick.

Homemade Crack-Jackish Snack

3/4 cup of brown sugar

1/4 cup margarine

3 tablespoon corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

8 cups popped popcorn

1 cup peanuts

Combine the brown sugar, margarine, corn syrup, and salt in a saucepan and cook over low heat until the margarine is melted. Cook without stirring for 3 minutes. Add the baking soda and vanilla. Pour it onto the popcorn and peanuts. Mix it together until evenly coated. Bake it at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. Break it into bite size pieces. If you want it to be a lot less sweet just use more popcorn. You could also change it up a bit and add other types of nuts or pretzels.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Hash brown Casserole

Hash brown Casserole

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 1/2 cup of sour cream

2 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoon of dried chopped onion

1 package of frozen shredded hash browns

4 ounces shredded cheese

Mix together in a large bowl everything except half of the shredded cheese. In a lightly greased casserole dish pour the mixture and top with the remaining cheese. Bake for about 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven. The entire dish should be bubbly. YUMMY! This is a good one for breakfast. Plus it is a copy-cat of the Cracker Barrel dish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Found Another Use For FoodSaver!

We homeschool and I am always printing things off. Some of it I want to keep , but I have no laminating machine. So I got the idea this morning to take and put the items that I want to keep, like times table, in a glad bag and then heat seal it shut. Now we have our things in a protective cover and can be kept for good. Make sure it is in there good and flat. No wrinkles. That would make it hard to read the things inside. You could do this with just about anything that you do not want to get wet. Maybe even put all of your important papers in a bigger bag and heat seal it shut so they can't get wet. I have a lot of ideas for this now. Make our flash cards that we use a lot last longer. This would have to be a lot more frugal than getting a machine just for laminating. Don't you have to get special plastic sheets for them and everything? I am all about being frugal!

Food Storage Recipe - Homemade Soft Pretzel Valentines

Make these for the kiddos instead of them eating all of that Valentine candy and chocolate. These are better for them and fun. Make these pretzels into heart shapes and it will be a hit for the whole house.

Homemade Soft Pretzel Valentines

1 package of yeast

1 1/2 cup of warm water

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon salt

4 cups of flour

1 beaten egg

Coarse salt for sprinkling on top

Combine the yeast, water, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. Let sit about 10 minutes until it foams. Stir in the flour. Knead on a table until the dough is smooth. Divide into about 8 - 10 equal sized pieces and then Shape the dough into tube by rolling with both hands. Shape each tube into a heart shape , squeezing the ends together in the middle. Place each one into boiling water that is at a rolling boil for no more than 30 seconds and take out with a slotted spoon. Put them on a baking sheet and brush them with the beaten egg. The egg helps them to get to that nice golden "pretzel" color. Sprinkle the tops with the coarse salt. Bake for about 12 - 15 minutes , but WATCH THEM VERY CLOSELY - THEY CAN GET VERY BROWN ON TOP VERY QUICKLY.

Serve! Give them to everybody on your Valentines list. Great idea for something to take to your kid's class. Healthier than cupcakes, cookies, candy, and chocolate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family

As of this writing , Disaster Preparedness: Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family, was a free kindle book. Another needed book for your survival library. I love this book. It is one of my favorite ones on my Kindle ! My husband even read this one and he isn't much of a reader. This book has everything in it! Disaster preparedness for urban dwellers, do you live in the city? What have you done to protect you, your family, your parents and pets when the; earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane or other disaster suddenly destroys your world? What is emergency preparedness anyway? Do you have any emergency food or will your kids go hungry? What will you do when the power grid is gone and with it the light, heat and water for your home?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Emergency Preparedness » Post Topic » Clothes Washing Kit

Emergency Preparedness » Post Topic » Clothes Washing Kit

PREPPING ON A BUDGET the frugal survival guide when time matters the most! « Getting Prepared To Survive

PREPPING ON A BUDGET the frugal survival guide when time matters the most! « Getting Prepared To Survive

Another great Kindle Freebie for your survival library.

Food Storage Recipe - Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Brown half of an onion in some butter. Add 2 quarts of water and 2 cups of dried lentils to the onions. Bring this to a boil and cover it up and let simmer for about 2 hours. Then add

4 sliced carrots

1 chopped celery

2 potatoes that have been grated ( I even used frozen hashbrowns before when that was all that I had on hand. )

1 teaspoon basil

1 cup of tomatoes

salt and pepper to taste

Continue simmering this with the cover on until all of the vegetables are tender.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Canology - A Modern Guide - How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods

Canology - A Modern Guide - How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods was free when I wrote this post for the Kindle. This is something that I am going to do this year. Can a lot! I haven't really done it before to an extensive degree. I have done tomatoes and that is it. My mom said that she would come over when we have a bunch of our homegrown vegetables and teach me more about canning. So, anytime I have seen a free book for my Kindle about canning I get it. Great way to preserve your homegrown items! Saves your family money and is healthy.

Food Storage Recipe - Ham & Egg Breakfast Casserole

This is a very filling breakfast to serve your family. Gets everyone's day started right. This recipe is a make the night before recipe. Put the items all together and set in fridge overnight. Get up early and stick it in the oven.

Ham & Egg Breakfast Casserole

Softened butter

14-15 slices bread

3 c. diced cooked ham

2 c. shredded cheddar cheese (1/2 lb.)

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

6 eggs

3 c. milk

Spread butter on both sides of bread slices; cut bread into small cubes. Combine bread cubes, ham, cheese, salt, and pepper. Stir well. Beat eggs until foamy; stir in milk. Add egg mixture to ham mixture, stirring well. Pour into a lightly greased 13 x 9 x 2 inch baking pan; cover and refrigerate overnight.

Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until golden brown. Serve immediately.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bug Out Bag: What You Need to Stay Alive

The Bug Out Bag: What You Need to Stay Alive was free for your Kindle when I wrote this. You will find everything that you need to know about putting together a bug out bag in this book. Having the items you will need on you will assure you that you won't have to be hunting for stuff on the road. Be always prepared.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Food Storage Recipe - Homemade Cream Cheese Basic Mints

Easy recipe to make your own mints. This has been a favorites of ours the last couple of months. The grocery store had cream cheese on sale 10 for $10.00 and I stocked up on it. You can freeze it. So, I have plenty of it on hand and I always keep a huge stockpile of powdered sugar for making homemade icing. I let my Little Man make this and he uses molds to make them in different shapes. I used to make homemade candy and chocolates a lot and have hundreds of candy molds.

Basic Mints

1 package of cream cheese

2 pound package of powdered sugar

Knead these together with your hands while adding the flavoring and food coloring. Flavor and color them any way you like them. I use green for the spearmint. You can make them pink for peppermint. And so on. Whichever is your favorite type of mint. Easy , quick, and good. Store these in a nice dry container after they set up.

Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget

Another great Kindle freebie (as of this writing) for your survival library. Doomsday Prepping Crash Course: The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget is full of information that all beginning preppers need to know. How to get started with your preps while on a tight budget.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nannies Homestead Food Storage

As of this writing , Nannies Homestead Food Storage, was free. Great book with the perfect tips on how to store , stockpile, rotate, and more. A much needed book in your Kindle survival book library.

How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

An emergency backpack, also sometimes referred to as a "bug out bag," is a survival kit you keep in your vehicle or at home, to be grabbed at a moment's notice. The idea is to have an easily transportable collection of food, water, and survival gear to help you get from Point A to Point B in relative safety. How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag is the perfect Kindle book to help you with building your own Bug Out Bag! As of this writing it was also a free Kindle book. Emergencies and disasters happen when we least expect them. In this new book you'll learn the secrets to creating the perfect Bug Out Bag for you!

Not all bug out bags are created equal. Given that you may be in a different location, climate, circumstance or other such situation, your needs will differ from that of others who would like you to believe that all bug out bags should contain the same basic elements.

Monday, February 4, 2013

How to Sprout Raw Food

How to Sprout Raw Food: Grow an Indoor Organic Garden with Wheatgrass, Bean Sprouts, Grain Sprouts, Microgreens, and More was free for the Kindle when I wrote this post. Grow Your Own Raw Food Anywhere! Would you like to grow some of your own food this year? Indoors? With no sunlight or soil? At any time of the year and at all times of the year? Sprouts allow you to do all that and more. In fact, you can grow all the vegetables your body needs (plus all the protein as well) in an area that's no bigger than your microwave oven. I grow sprouts on top of my refrigerator, harvesting baskets of fresh, raw food every week without even going outside. Growing sprouts is simple and it's cheap. Sprouts can provide you with the power-packed nutrition your body needs at a fraction of the price of store bought food. You can save money while eating right. There's no dirt, no pests, and no weeding required. Raw Food Salads, Sandwiches, Cereals, and More! This short guide will teach you how to grow sprouts and enjoy eating them. If you like salads, I'll show you how to make delicious bowlfuls with tasty mild or spicy sprouts. If you enjoy eating cereal for breakfast, try some sprouted grains with natural malt sugars that nourish your body and taste far better than boxed cereals. Need to lose a few pounds? Simply eating a few more sprouted beans will keep you feeling fuller and eating fewer carbs. Toss some bean sprouts, lentil sprouts, or pea sprouts into your next rice or pasta dish; they make great burgers as well. You'll find that your body absorbs the protein better when the beans are sprouted, which usually reduces flatulence as well. All this nutrition, protein, and fiber will have you shedding a few pounds in a hurry. Topics Include:

1. Superfood Sprouts Cheap, Easy to Grow, Provide Year-Round Nutrition

2. The Benefits of Raw Food Lose Weight, Nourish Your Body, and Stimulate Energy Levels

3. Sprouting Equipment and How to Use It Trays, Jars, Bags, Automatic Sprouters, and Wheatgrass Juicers

4. Salad and Sandwich Sprouts Alfalfa, Clover, Radish, and Broccoli

5. Bean Sprouts Mung Beans, Soy Beans, Lentils, Peas, and More

6. Grain Sprouts Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Triticale, Quinoa, and Other Grains

7. Seed and Nut Sprouts Sunflower, Sesame, Pumpkin, Peanut, and Flax

8. Seasoning Sprouts Basil, Celery, Cress, Dill, Fenugreek, Mustard, Onion Family, and More

9. How to Grow Microgreens Grow a Gourmet Baby Salad, Anytime, Anyplace!

10. Wheatgrass Juice From Homegrown Sprouts How to Grow and Juice Your Own Wheatgrass

11. Where to Get the Best Sprouting Seeds Trusted Sources for the Freshest Quality

12. Where to Find the Best Raw Food Sprout Recipes Delicious ways to enjoy your sprouts, raw or cooked

Eat More Raw Foods for Better Health Raw food contains many nutrients that are lost in the cooking process. Our prehistoric ancestors ate most of their food raw until around 12,000 years ago. The human body has not yet adapted to the large quantities of cooked and processed foods we feed ourselves. This is a big reason for the high rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic ailments: we are poisoning ourselves with so much over-cooked, over-processed foods.

People who switch to raw food diets (or simply include some more raw food in their diets) experience many benefits, such as weight loss and great energy levels. This book will help you increase the quantity of raw food in your diet from sprouts, including salad and sandwich sprouts, wheatgrass, microgreens, and sprouted beans, nuts, seeds, and grains (which most people can digest well without any cooking).

Learn how to grow some of your fresh food indoors, in a small space, with no direct light, and no soil (except microgreens). Pick this one up. You won't be disappointed!

Food Storage Recipe - Texas Casserole

Casseroles are a good thing to use your freeze dried meats in. I like this one to use my freeze dried ground beef in or I have even used my freeze dried taco flavored TVP in this before when that was all that I had on hand.

Texas Casserole

1 pound ground hamburger - browned with 3 onions and 1 green pepper

Drain and stir in:

2 cups canned tomatoes

half a cup uncooked rice

2 teaspoon chili powder



Mix it all together and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes with a cover and then another 15 minutes without a cover.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Growing Plants Indoors; Create Your Own Indoor Garden With These Gardening Tips For Hydroponic Gardening, Herb Gardens, Humidity, Lighting, and More

As of this writing, Growing Plants Indoors; Create Your Own Indoor Garden With These Gardening Tips For Hydroponic Gardening, Herb Gardens, Humidity, Lighting, and More, was FREE. Do you want to start your own indoor garden, but are not sure how to be successful? Would you like to learn what indoor plants need to thrive year-round? Are you interested in gardening tips for starting seeds, finding lighting, monitoring humidity and more? Then start your indoor garden today, with this guide, Growing Plants Indoors. This book shares great gardening information and tips for the novice gardener who wants to start an indoor or urban garden. It begins by sharing strategies to successfully grow your own seedlings to get started. Next, you’ll learn how to help your plants thrive through choosing proper lighting and regulating humidity. This book also shares about growing herbs and what flowers succeed well indoors, especially for the novice gardener. Lastly, you’ll learn about making your own compost and fertilizer so you can increase your plants blooms and growth.

Look and see what’s included in this book! Here is a list of the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: Tips For Starting Seeds Indoors

Chapter 2: Urban Gardening: Creative Ways To Garden In Your Apartment

Chapter 3: Getting To Know The Many Benefits Of Indoor Hydroponic Gardening

Chapter 4: Interior Lights For Indoor Gardens

Chapter 5: How To Choose The Best Containers For Indoor Gardening

Chapter 6: Understanding The Importance Of Maintaining Proper Humidity

Chapter 7: Fresh Tastes! Tips For Growing Your Own Herbs

Chapter 8: Types of Flowers That Succeed Indoors

Chapter 9: Nurturing House Plants So They Thrive

Chapter 10: Worm Composting Indoors To Create Amazing Fertilizer

Start your own indoor garden today! Learn more by downloading this book to your Kindle so you can prepare to have your plants thrive.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homemade Snow Dough

It is really really cold here. Has been for the last week. So when it has been snowing it is more like just ice falling from the sky. Little Man wants to go out and play in it , but it isn't that fun type of snow. I decided to make him some snow dough!

Homemade Snow Dough

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup salt

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

2 tablespoon tempura paint

1 tablespoon white or sparkling glitter

(optional) a few drops of peppermint extract

Combine all of the ingredients , except the peppermint extract in a medium sized pan and cook over medium heat , stirring constantly, until the mixture holds together. About 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and turn the play dough out onto some waxed paper. To cool. If you like, knead in some of the peppermint extract. Store this in a ziplock bag in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
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