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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 5 C's of Survival

1. Cutting Tool. The most important external tool you can carry in a survival situation is a knife. Even a small pocket style knife is handy to have. It is an essential tool.  I always make a point of carrying a knife. My hubby thinks it is funny that I carry a knife in my purse, but there have been many times that we have been away from home and had to pull it out. 

2. Combustion Device. The means to start fire is the next most essential item to carry, even above shelter. A shelter can be fashioned with outdoor materials, even in the most crude fashion, and still be a life-saver. When faced with a survival situation, when you need to start a fire, then you must have a dependable means to start a fire. Learn the many ways there are to make a fire. Have a small mirror in your kit. Waterproof matches.

3. Cover/Shelter. Your first line of defense against the elements; cold, heat, rain and snow; is the clothes you are wearing. An inexpensive poncho can be carried in your mini kit and used as a make-shift shelter or sleeping bag.

4. Container. In order to collect water for drinking, as well as for boiling and cooking, you need a dependable container. In order to boil water in it, your container needs to be metal. A small camping cooking pot works perfect.

5. Cordage. In many instances where you need to build a natural shelter, cordage is a necessity. The ability to make a structure stable is something that cordage can provide. Rope, paracord or some type of twine can be used for countless chores and is a valuable item to have in your kit. Always wear a paracord bracelet.


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