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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebola Survival Handbook

Ebola Survival Handbook: A Collection of Tips, Strategies, and Supply Lists From Some of the World's Best Preparedness Professionals is a great book to have on hand during this crisis. Learn how to protect your family. I tell you right now , it is times like this in the world that I am glad that I homeschool.

Ebola. Even the name of the virus conjures up mental images of a gruesome, agonizing, bloody death. Anyone who has scanned the news headlines lately has, at the very least, an inkling that a horrible disease is on the loose. It’s anyone’s best guess how soon this becomes a pandemic on American soil. While the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have both expressed serious concerns that we are on the brink of disaster, border enforcement agencies seem blithely unconcerned. It’s really up to you to protect your family. This is a collection of some of the best information in the preparedness community to help keep you and your family safe throughout this potential pandemic. Checklists are provided at the end of the book to help you gather the necessary supplies quickly and efficiently.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Herbal Antibiotics & Antivirals: Natural Healing with Herbal Medicine

Herbal Antibiotics & Antivirals: Natural Healing with Herbal Medicine (Natural Health & Natural Cures Series) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 Herbs have been studied and used for centuries as medicine and as a food.

Herbal remedies use plant parts or the extracts for different health conditions.

The most common forms of herbal medicines include poultices, essential oils, creams, tincture, and teas. In the United States, many herbal remedies are sold in stores which sell alternative medications, vitamins, and other similar products.

The medical community in general still disapproves of the use of herbs as medicine. They believe that herbs are ineffective, unsafe, not regulated, and not as effective as pharmaceutical drugs.

The ironic thing about this belief is that many medications prescribed by our physicians have components of herbal remedies or at least a synthesized version of the herb.

Many people consider plant-based remedies to be more natural, cheaper, and less harmful than pharmaceutical drugs. There is also the belief that they are more capable of easing both every day and chronic health problems.

Today we have over-used antibiotics to the point where they are losing their effectiveness, and are causing yeast overgrowth in our bodies. Yeast overgrowth can lead to several minor and some serious health conditions. With the use of herbs we don’t have to limit ourselves to taking our medicine in a pill.

Herbs can boost the natural healing properties of our immune system, so we actually heal faster, by stimulating the necessary healing hormones to fight against the pathogens.

In this book you’ll learn:

• Which herbs have antibiotic and antiviral properties and how you can use them to treat common ailments
• How to make, use, and store your own medicinal poultices, creams and ointments, tinctures, infusions, and decoctions
• How to grow, prepare, and preserve your own medicinal herbs

And much much more…

Before using any herbal remedy, it is wise and recommended that you do some thorough research, and discuss the use of an herb with an herbalist and/or your physician before using. Some herbs can be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Survival In The City: How To Plan And Protect Your Family And Friends In an Urban Enviroment

Survival In The City: How To Plan And Protect Your Family And Friends In an Urban Enviroment was a free kindle book when this post was written.

Unfortunately, many people will rely on government aid and instruction during a disaster. The reality of the situation is that the government may not be able to provide aid until weeks into a disaster. Finally, when aid comes it may not be what you expect. Nothing is more demoralizing then starving for weeks only for the government to show up with rationed water and food. Look at Hurricane Katrina as an example of government aid and intervention. For weeks citizens had to deal with aggressive violence, no food and water, and terrible sanitation conditions. This book will help teach you how to survive these scenarios in an urban environment!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Survival Medicine: Prepper's Guide To Emergency First Aid & Safety

Survival Medicine: Prepper's Guide To Emergency First Aid & Safety (Essential Medical Skills) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

***Survival Medicine Guidebook – Protect Your Family From Emergency Situations!***

Are you and your family prepared for the worst case scenario? Do you have a personal or family survival kit organized? Do you know what to do when disaster falls on your doorstep? If not, you definitely need to pick up a copy of this book!

Many people fail to plan for these type of situations because they feel, these type of events will never happen to them. You are wrong for thinking that way. It’s always best to prepare for the worst, so you can have the safety and comfort of knowing how to survive during these circumstances – when they do arrive.

This Survival Medicine Book Will Teach You The Following:

  • Why Staying Prepared Is Crucial!

  • Different Types of Disasters (Natural vs Manmade)

  • Survive Medical Emergencies

  • How To Build an Effective First Aid Kit (Personal, Family, Camp & Community)

  • Essential Medical Procedures For Handling Injuries, Bite Wounds, Infections, Etc.

  • And Much More…

  • Learning these vital skills will not only help you and your family, but also allows you to help your fellow neighbors and community members. Don’t think learning these skills is a waste of time. In fact, knowing how to care for yourself during this tough situations will make you become a stronger person. Get prepared now!

    Hunkering Down: A Means of Survival

    Hunkering Down: A Means of Survival (Be A Prepper Book 2) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

    No one wants to think about what can happen in a disaster. They do happen, however, and you have to prepare in order to save and protect yourself and your loved ones.

    There may be disaster situations that may keep you from being able to get out of where you live. You might have to stay at one place for an extended period of time. This is what is known as “hunkering down.” Hunkering down involves staying in one place for a while as a means of ensuring that you will be secure from outside threats. In these situations, the length of time that you might have to hunker down is unknown. You have to be prepared.

    This book is about what you need to do in the event that you do actually have to hunker down and defend yourself for a while. This covers information on what supplies you’ll need in, how you will protect yourself, and more. Topics included are:

    • Why people have to hunker down in the first place
    • The home security materials you’ll need to protect yourself and to observe what is happening outside
    • What you can use for energy
    • The foods that you’ll need
    • How to manage hygiene and first aid
    • What you’ll need for communication
    • What to do if you must leave your “safe” place

    This book can be important in helping you understand what you what you can do if you need to stay in one place for a while. It's a difficult thing to think, about but it is one that you must consider for your own safety and survival. 
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