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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY Fire Starters

Firestarter #1

Use cotton balls. Completely cover a lot of cotton balls with petroleum jelly. Store them in a ziplock bag. Put the bag in your survival kit. When you need to start a fire , take a few strands of the fiber out of one of the cotton balls. Place it in a pile of tinder and wood. Light the cotton ball. Instant fire starter!

Firestarter #2

Melt some broken, extra crayons in a tin can set in a put of water. Wrap a pinecone loosely with string and then roll it in the melted crayon. Pull out a tail of string to serve as a wick. Let the crayon wax soak into the pinecone, then let it cool and harden on some wax paper. To use it , arrange twigs and tinder over the pinecone, add some logs, and light the string(wick).


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