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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thrift Stores Are A Great Place For Survivalist!!

My last trip to the local Thrift Store was AWESOME!! I could not believe what all I got and I only spent $8.00 and some odd cents!! I actually got some great stuff that is all needed and usable for survival.
First thing I seen right away when I walked into the store was a pretty oil lamp. It is a big one and actually matches my living room decor. I got it home and it had a new wick in it too. I already have oil in it and lit it last night.

The next thing I noticed was a bunch of unopened puzzles!! UNOPENED!! Usually all they ever have is ones that are opened and most likely have lost pieces. Those are a great thing to have on hand when you are stuck in a house when it is too cold to get out!! These also might be a couple of Christmas gifts!

I headed to the housewares and right off seen and grabbed a Corning Ware percolator coffee pot. A big one. I have only had a small 4 cup one for the longest time , now I have one that will make a big pot of coffee! Plus - all of the parts are with it!

Then I was just about ready to leave when I noticed this weird looking thing over by a chair. So I went to see what it was. Well it is a shelf that has the accordian style clothed dryer that comes out from under!! $4.00 for this! They are a lot more at Lehman's! Now I just have to find a place to hang it up!

Now I cannot wait until my next trip to the thrift store!! This trip was like a dream. Thrift stores are awesome for anyone trying to get prepared on a low budget.


darrell said...

loks like u made out good...yes, thrits, fleas, rummage and garage sales..its amazing at what one can find at these places...last yard sale I went to I got a complete mini kidt that runs off batteries for cooking..a whisker and a couple other things that attach to a handle with the batteries inside..25 cents!

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