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Friday, December 12, 2008

Making Water Safe To Drink

I am so glad that I came upon this Article! I was always taught to boil water for a while before it would be safe to drink, and I was always wondering about how to boil it that long and use the less fuel! Which is impossible. It would use up any fuel that I had just to boil water. So when I read this article I felt a lot better! Now I am going to be able to make sure , if I have to, that we have plenty of drinkable water when the time comes. We have a running stream behind our house. So I knew we would have plenty of water, but how was I going to make it drinkable? Now I know that we will be all right. I also have been saving some money back to be able to get a real nice water filter. Water is the most important thing we will need. So to be able to have water that we can actually drink will truly be a life saver.


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