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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homemade Solar Hot Water Heater Plans - A Simple Way to Build a DIY Solar Powered Hot Water Heater

The need for hot water is an essential part of a human being's daily activity, with importance running in different ranges such as that from bathing to cooking to first aid and medicine. Electricity and consumption of resources are readily consumed to fulfill this necessity, in the United States of America alone, each household consumes an average of 1000 to 2000 gallons of oil every year just to heat up water and with an almost depleted source of fossil fuels in the earth's crust using hot water in ones home may sooner or later be considered a thing of the past. However with the development, innovation, and simple homemade diy solar hot water heater plans, life in terms of water heating can never be the same again.

Solar hot water heaters capture the sun's unlimited light energy and convert them to heat energy which is responsible for warming up the water source. Home made solar hot water heaters are usually built with aluminum window designed panes lined up with glass windows which act as solar panels or the catchers of the sun's radiant power. Within this glass made container are pipes and tubes which contain copper wires. The copper wires are used to turn the heat it receives to heat-up the stored water in the tank. The lacking step to finish off making a do it yourself home made solar water heater are connections between the device and the storage tank where one keeps the water which needs to be heated up.

The heating panel assembly is usually located below the tank; this is, so that natural movement of water is used to move around the water, need for pump to drive water is thus not needed lessening installation, manufacturing and processing costs.

The heated water initially found near the heated port goes up in the tank and pushes the cold water down replacing it in the system, giving this time a chance for this water to be heated up. This cycle continues until most of the water system has gained thermal equilibrium.

Buying a solar hot water heater is already available in local market stores however building instead of purchasing a personal solar hot water heater is not only good for one's electric monthly consumption (by making the cost of heating water halved or totally eliminated), the environment (it is ecologically friendly giving off lesser pollution directly or indirectly) but also personal satisfaction in knowing that it was through one's own toil, sweat and hard work that such household apparatus was made. Initial cost is also much cheaper when making one as compared to buying, especially if one uses old, recyclable or about to be thrown away materials found hidden behind the shelves of the attic or the garage door.

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