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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prepper's Guide to Survival Kits: Learn to Prepare your First Aid Kit, Survival Gear and Pantry in Case of Emergency (Off the Grid Lifestyle)

Prepper's Guide to Survival Kits: Learn to Prepare your First Aid Kit, Survival Gear and Pantry in Case of Emergency (Off the Grid Lifestyle) was a free book for the kindle when this was written.

 Times are getting harder. Recent years have seen an increase in natural disasters and a worsening economy. Many people have lost their jobs, and in the cases of natural disasters, their homes. Don’t find yourself unprepared.

In this Prepper’s Guide to Survival Kits, we’ll teach you the best ways to prepare yourself for emergencies by dividing your survival kit into three main parts: the first aid kit to save lives and stay healthy, the survival kit filled with all the gear you need to maintain a shelter and livelihood even in cases of lost or destroyed homes, and your pantry—arguably the most important and easiest preparation you can do to protect yourself.

Whether you’re concerned about losing your job and being unable to feed yourself or your family, or worried about impending natural disasters that could sever your ties with the services and utilities you rely on, this guide will help you prepare for even the worst case scenarios.

Whenever a natural disaster approaches, people scramble to buy everything they can from shopping centers, often wiping the shelves clean of everything there is to buy. People usually give no thought to what they’re storing or how much they need—a hoarding mentality takes over, and everything must be bought. Don’t fall into this mistake, and don’t be left scavenging the leftovers after the rest of your town has picked the store clean.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• Why Most First Aid Kits Are Inadequate
• What Every First Aid Kit Needs In An Emergency
• What Basic Survival Gear You Need
• Tools and Equipment That Could Save Your Life
• How Much Food To Store For An Emergency
• The Best Naturally Long Lasting Food—No Preservatives Required!
• How to Best Store Your Food For Years
• And Much More

Don’t be left without food, safety, or security when disaster strikes. Find out the cheapest and best ways to prepare yourself for emergencies of any scale. Your family will thank you!


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