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Friday, December 19, 2014

SHTF Preparedness. How To Build and Equip Your Own Underground Root Cellar To Survive A Disaster.

SHTF Preparedness. How To Build and Equip Your Own Underground Root Cellar To Survive A Disaster. Step-by-step Guide.: (how to live without a house, Preppers Survival Guide, SHTF Stockpile) was a free book for kindle when this post was written.

SHTF Preparedness

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Build and Equip Your Own Underground Root Cellar To Survive A Disaster

Disaster can strike at any minute. There are thousands of nuclear missiles that are ready to launch at the push of a button and any one of them could spell the end of the world. Global Warming is wreaking havoc on our climate and causing tornadoes, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. On top of all of this, there are terrorist incidents with very angry groups of hostile people taking hostages or releasing harmful toxins into the air that could easily kill you and your family in an instant if you are not prepared.

Among all these things, there are natural phenomenon that are completely out of our control as human beings-- things like asteroids, or super-volcanoes, or earthquakes. All of these things are out of our control, but rest assured, that if any of these disasters occurs, you will find that people become increasingly hostile to the rest of the population. You could easily find hostile marauders searching for food or resources should any of these disasters take place.

That's why it's so imperative that you have some sort of back-up plan to keep you and your family safe during these times of chaos that could occur at any minute.

What you need is a safe-haven. What you need is a bunker... on a budget. It needs to be equipped to withstand multiple kinds of disasters, and it also needs to be equipped to outlast a lengthy time of unrest.

The situations we will cover together are

• The basics of cellar construction.

• Design challenges

• Beginning smart construction ideas

• Starting construction process

• How to stock your cellar

• Furnishings & comfort


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