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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prepper Central

Prepper Central: A Prepper Fiction Novel (Prepping - Together we will Survive Book 1) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 In a world where everything seemed just fine, long time Prepper Jimmy and his pregnant wife Marge have a different view of the world. Prepping as part of a group called ‘Prepper Central’, the little family is responsible for the stockpile of the Doomsday Prepper Community. When the economy begins taking a turn for the worst, Jimmy ensures that his parents are safe as the newest members of his Cul de Sac Prepping group. Before long, people all over the country lose their jobs, homes and their savings as the major banks of the country begin to collapse. With the authorities unable to keep up with riots, crimes and looting, Colorado quickly turns into a state of Martial Law, forcing the members of ‘Prepper Central’ to secure their neighborhood and protect themselves against the Outsiders.

Find out if Jimmy will be able to protect his pregnant wife, his eccentric parents and the loyal and committed members of his community, ‘Prepper Central’.

Why you should read Prepper Fiction

Whether you are an avid, long time Prepper or somebody who simply wants to read about survival after an epic disaster, Prepper Fiction will have you on the edge of your seat. You can check your emergency plan for holes, while enjoying the thrills of a story that may become reality for all of us, before we even know it.

If you are new to Prepping then you should also check out my other Prepper Fiction Novel 'Band of Preppers', as well as my non-fiction books that will bring the idea of Disaster Preparedness and stockpiles, much closer. OR, if you are an avid Suspense Reader then check out my new Psychological Suspense Novel 'Presidential Cleaning'.

Presidential Cleaning: A Psychological Suspense Novel

Band of Preppers: A Prepper Fiction Novel

Prepper: Be Prepped: All you need to know about becoming a Prepper

Prepper: The Prepper Hunkering Down Guide: F*** Bugging Out, Bug In! Prepping at Home and Protecting Your Property - Here is how!

Prepping: Prepping, Canning and Food Preservation - The most Efficient Prepper Food Preservation Guide


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