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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Be Self Sufficient...

There are certain items that you have got to have on hand to help you to be more self sufficient. You already know about needing a stockpile of food, but you also need these items to be able to live comfortably during an emergency situation, disaster, or after SHTF. With the new year coming up it is a perfect time to get started with getting these things. If you are new to being a prepper than now is the best time to start.

1. A Solar Generator is one of the things that I really think is a number one must have item. Will greatly improve any situation that is a bad one.

 2. Having a Camp Shower would be a great way to make sure that your whole family is comfortable and can have a sense of normalcy.

3.You can never have too many Oil Lamps!! Great way to have some light and even cook with them in a time of need with the right set up.

4. Having a good set of Cast-Iron Cookware Set is a thing that is needed for being able to cook a great meal. You can cook on fires and more with a good set of cast-iron cookware.

5. Get yourself a lot of hand operated appliances, like can openers, hand mixers,grain mill, coffee grinder, and more.

6. Do your laundry easily off the grid with a laundry tub, clothes wringer, clothesline, and a Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine is another thing that is a huge help.

7. You need a grill, camping cook stove, and other ways to cook.

8. Keep a lot of warm clothing, coats, socks, good boots, rain gear, long underware, gloves, for all of your family members.

9. Keep a fire extinguisher in every room.

10. Having bicycles is a good thing to have for each family member.

11. Get all of the camping gear that you can find and as much as you can. It is very useful in lots of situations.

12. Gas Siphon Pump

13. A hand pump for a water well.


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