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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Preppers Cookbook: Emergency Preparedness Tips and Tasty Food Storage Recipes

Preppers Cookbook: Emergency Preparedness Tips and Tasty Food Storage Recipes was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

 If an emergency arises, whether it be natural or manmade; are you prepared? Preparing for "a rainy day" has many different meanings for folks. Whether you want to be prepared for a catastrophic event, have a safety net of supplies in the event of financial hardship or anything in between, we can help you start fulfilling your own requirement of emergency preparedness with the tips included in this book. After all, planning and being prepared is the first step towards protecting your family.

Here are the topics covered in this book:
Chapter 1 The Purpose of Being Prepared
Chapter 2 Decide What You Will Prepare For
Chapter 3 Will You Stay If Disaster Hits
Chapter 4 Will You Go If Disaster Hits
Chapter 5 Basic Survival Necessities (Non-Food)
Chapter 6 Suggested Food Storage Items

Chapter 7 Survival Lessons from the Oregon Trail Pioneers
Chapter 8 Bare Bones Better Than Nothin' Survival Food List
Chapter 9 Prospective Bartering Items
Chapter 10 Water Storage and Filtration
Chapter 11 Herbs for Survival

Chapter 12 Fundamental Long -Term Staples - Beans, Rice and Grains

Chapter 13 How-Tos for Long-Term Food Storage

Chapter 14 Storing Root Crops

Chapter 15 Crop Choices for Root Storage

Chapter 16 All About Beans

Chapter 17 All About Grains

Chapter 18 Bread, Breakfast, Cookies and Crackers Recipes

Chapter 19 Soup and Casserole Recipes
Chapter 20 Sauce Mixes
Chapter 21 Bean Recipes
Chapter 22 Chicken Recipes
Chapter 23 Beef Recipes
Chapter 24 Egg Dishes (from powdered eggs)
Chapter 25 No-Bake Recipes
Chapter 26 Desserts
Chapter 27 Freeze Dried Snacks
Chapter 28 Choosing a Dutch Oven
Chapter 29 Dutch Oven Cooking without Electricity
Chapter 30 Caring for Your Dutch Oven
Chapter 31 How to Restore Rusty Cast Iron
Chapter 32 Dutch Oven Recipes
Chapter 33 Ingredient Substitutions
Chapter 34 Canning Your Own Foods
Chapter 35 High Altitude Conversions for Recipes
BONUS 1 Basic Home Remedies
BONUS 2 Basic Pet Care Tips
Recipe Index


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