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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Keep Dogs Warm

Using bubble wrap for insulation in a doghouse is a low cost way to keep your dog warm in the winter. Although I would rather people take their dogs in when it is super cold , sometimes the dogs have to be out for a time. This way they have a warm place to go to. Just line the interior walls and roof with bubble wrap. Make sure it is on very well so the dog can't chew on it or tear it up. If you have it you could possible get door mats and put over the bubble wrap on the inside walls so it is even warmer.

Another thing that my uncle used to do for his dogs - was he would take a rubber mat , like you have at front door , and would cut pieces of it that would fit right on door of doghouse and then hang it from the top of door on the inside. Like a doggie door you might have on your house. That way no cold air would get in onto his hunting dogs. They can open it easily.


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