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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Surviving Ebola - Prepping For Lockdown: How to Prepare and Survive in the Event of an Ebola Epidemic.

Surviving Ebola - Prepping For Lockdown: How to Prepare and Survive in the Event of an Ebola Epidemic. was a free kindle book when this post was written.

If an Ebola epidemic broke out near your home, would you and your family be prepared?

It seems as though just a few months ago, Ebola was a small threat to just a few countries half way around the world. The mere thought of Ebola coming to the western world seemed highly unlikely. Fast forward to current times and everyone’s worst fears have surfaced – Ebola is here, and we need to be prepared.

While an Ebola epidemic is unlikely to happen in the western world, it shouldn't be written off as a non-threat. In the event that this deadly virus does reach the borders of your neighborhood, you’ll have very little time – if any at all – to prepare for lock down.

In this “Surviving Ebola” guide, you’ll learn…

  • The deadly reality surrounding Ebola

  • How to protect you and your family against an Ebola infection

  • How to beat the virus if you’ve been infected

  • What supplies you’ll need to survive an Ebola epidemic

  • When to go into Ebola “lockdown mode”

  • How to prepare your home for an Ebola epidemic

  • How to create an Ebola isolation room within your home

  • ...and other information to help you prepare for an Ebola epidemic

Within this guide, “Surviving Ebola: Prepping for Lockdown”, you’ll be armed with a complete guide to preparing and surviving an Ebola epidemic in the event an outbreak occurs. Learn from the experts on what to expect and how to plan and prepare for one of the deadliest viruses known to man.


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