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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola: 50 Critical Facts about Ebola That You Need to Know

Ebola: 50 Critical Facts about Ebola That You Need to Know was a free kindle book. I know I that I wrote yesterday that I was taking a break from this blog, but when I seen this free Kindle book, I had to share it. Especially with what all is going on in the news.

 “Ebola: 50 Critical Facts about Ebola that you Need to Know”
The 2014 Ebola virus outbreak has been the largest in history. Formerly, the virus was known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever; although these days, it is more frequently called as Ebola Virus Disease or EVD. The Ebola Virus disease is caused by any of the five strains of the genus Ebola virus. Each of these can affect humans, although only three strains can lead to disease or death. The present outbreak is brought about by the Zaire Ebola virus strain, which is considered as the most harmful due to its 90 percent mortality rate.
News about the Ebola Virus Disease spread very rapidly and was accompanied by rumors and disinformation. All of these have stuck fear and caused panic among many people. Currently, there is no vaccine for Ebola virus. The most competent physicians can only do as much as providing intensive patient care such as administration of intravenous fluids and keeping optimal oxygen levels, blood pressure and temperature. Scientific and medical experts are still attempting to discover and invent a vaccine against the deadly virus.
There are some scientists who have developed vaccines that are promising, although these are not yet tested and can provide no guaranties. Furthermore, a lot of questions about the deadly disease still remain unanswered. However, there are some crucial facts about the deadly virus that all the people must be aware of including the disease’s history, symptoms, treatment as well as ways to safeguard oneself.
This book entitled: “Ebola: 50 Critical Facts about Ebola that you Need to Know” provides 50 of the most crucial facts about the deadly virus that every person must know. In times like this, staying informed is only the most effective means of defense to safeguard ourselves and our family from such a dreaded disease. This book provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Ebola virus and Ebola Virus disease.


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