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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Right Wing Conspiracy Politics Box Set [

Right Wing Conspiracy Politics Box Set was a free kindle book when this post was written.

America is in danger from within. This exclusive box set reveals eight key ways American values, traditions, and laws are being circumvented to undermine constitutional law and your personal freedoms.

Book 1: Once We Were Kings: The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The first volume in this box set explores nine key ways federal government policies, social disorder, and a decline in moral values, are destroying democracy in America and threatening your constitutional rights and freedoms.

Book 2: Rise of the Police State and a New World Order

This book discusses what it means to live under an increasingly oppressive government and reveals how technology, police state tactics, false flags, and martial law may be used to destroy America as we know it.

Book 3: Death by a Thousand Cuts: Why America Will Lose the Global War on Terror

This report examines how our institutions, government policies, and self-inflicted intrusions into our private lives are eroding our sacred freedoms and destroying everything that defines us as a free people. America is dying, and unless good people stand up to stop the madness, future generations will refer to our current systems of constitutional law, free enterprise, and democratic republic ideals as legend, or perhaps even urban myths.

Book 4: Regulation Nation: How Government Agencies Circumvent the Legislative Process to Enact Laws and Rob Americans of Their Constitutional Freedoms

"Regulation Nation" documents how government agencies arrogantly flaunt the legislative process and the will of the people in the pursuit of their special interests at the expense of the governed. In addition to limiting the use of your private property and unveiling the invisible hand of commercial enterprise, the obscure and often vague nature of regulations makes it virtually impossible for honest citizens to conduct themselves in accordance with the law.

Book 5: Directive 51: An Expose of the President's Emergency Powers Directive and its Threat to Constitutional Government and Your Personal Freedoms

Leading the charge towards what many see as a trend towards tyranny, is a plan for the continuity of our federal government in the event of an emergency. Directive 51 is a game changer, and may well be the catalyst that sends the nation tumbling into the dustbin of history.

Book 6: UN Arms Trade Treaty: An Expose of the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty and its Threat to National Sovereignty and the Potential Subversion of the Second Amendment and Your Gun Rights

"UN Arms Trade Treaty" attempts to peel back the shroud of secrecy surrounding the United Nations' efforts to regulate arms trade. While the author is an open supporter of legal civilian gun rights, this text presents an objective analysis of the arms trade treaty.

Book 7: Millennium Goals: A Critical Discussion of the United Nations' Eight Millennium Development Goals and Their Threat to National Sovereignty

Since its inception in the shadow of World War II and the rush to minimize global chaos at the hands of despots, the United Nations has transformed its charter of peace into a mandate to invoke domination of the world's nations, and to neuter national sovereignty. "Millennium Goals" takes a critical look at these goals and how the United Nations intends to implement them around the world.

Book 8: The Hidden War: Cultural Marxism and the Assault on American Core Values and Conservatism

If you like how America is being led, and the direction this nation is going, you will not want to read this book. However, if you have an innate distrust of government, or fear your values and interests are not being represented in City Hall or Washington, then this book is for you.

Take action today to discover how the America we all know and love is in danger of extinction.


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