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Monday, January 13, 2014

Food Dehydration For Beginners, Drying Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Jerky, Seeds, Nuts

Food Dehydration For Beginners, Drying Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Jerky, Seeds, Nuts was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 In this book you will find all the information to need to safely and tastily dry preserve fruits, vegetables, jerky, herbs, seeds and nuts. This book takes you step by step from choosing a dehydrator to the different drying methods for each food type. Includes pretreatment and drying charts for both fruits and vegetables as well as how to package and store your food safely. Please look below or use the "Look Inside" feature to see only some of the information contained in this book.

How Does Food Dehydration Work? An Overview
Advantages of Dry Preserving
Different Methods for Drying Fruit and Vegetables
Features to Look for When Buying a Dehydrator
Sun Drying Food
Using a Solar Dryer
Using an Oven
Most efficient and practical food driers
How to Make Fruit Leathers
Preparing Your Fruit Leathers from Fresh Fruit
Preparing Your Fruit Leathers from Canned Fruit
Drying Fruit Leathers
Oven Drying For Fruit Leathers
Using a Dehydrator for Drying Fruit Leathers
How to Test For Dryness
Storing Fruit Leathers
Making Jerky
Safe Handling Of Meat And Poultry
Making Jerky from Wild Game
Preparing Your Meat
How to Prepare a Jerky Marinade
How to Dry Your Meat If Using A Marinade
How to Make Jerky From Ground Meat
How to Store Your Jerky
Vegetable Leathers
How to Make Mixed Vegetable Leathers
How to Make Tomato Leathers
How to Make Pumpkin Leathers
How to Dry Herbs
Harvesting Herbs
Drying Herbs
Drying Herbs with a Dehydrator
Packaging and Storing Dried Herbs
How to Dry Peanuts
How to Roast Peanuts
How to Dry Popcorn
Drying Pumpkin Seeds
Drying Sunflower Seeds
How to Vine Dry
How to Choose Fruit and Vegetables for Drying
Fruit Quality
Vegetable Quality
How To Prepare Fruits And Vegetables For Drying
Preparing Fruit
Preparing Vegetables
How to Pre-Treat Fruits And Vegetables
How To Pre-Treat Fruit Using Sulfiting
How to Prepare Fruit Using A Honey Dip
How To Pre-Treat Fruit Using A Salt Soloution Dip
How to Pre-treat Fruit Using Ascorbic Acid/Citric Acid Dips
How to Pre Treat Vegetables for Drying
How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables using A Dehydrator
How to dry different types of fruit
How to Dry Different Types Of Vegetables
How to Package Dried Fruits and Vegetables
How to Store Your Dried Fruit

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