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Saturday, November 30, 2013

How to Optimize Your Wood Stoves: 8 Great Ideas You Don't Want to Miss!

Wood stoves are back! And from the looks of it, they're going around for a long, long time!

Well, fair wood stoves have never been gone, actually. It's just that for many years their sales have seen a decline mainly due to emergence of gas or electric fireplaces. In recent years, however, their popularity has returned, gaining more followers than before, making wood stoves hot properties, literally and figuratively speaking.

 The return of wood stove popularity credited to escalating fuel bills. In the face of soaring gas prices and with economies all time low, people blamed for looking for ways to save a few extra dollars. And they found this in wood stoves whose main attraction is undeniably its financial benefit. It is now an acceptable low-cost home heating alternative to fireplaces. Aside from being energy-efficient it is also environmental-friendly. It doesn't hurt that it adds a charming look to your home interiors especially when placed with practical wood stove accessories. Speaking of accessories, here are 8 great ways to accessorize your wood stoves. Don't be fooled with the term,though. Despite being labeled as mere decorations, like fireplace accessories, they do more than just accentuate your interiors. Read on and find out.

 1. Ash Bucket- Probably the most practical and important stove accessory that you buy. It is very convenient when starting a fire, especially when you don't have much time to start fire from scratch. An ash bucket is where you put live embers or coal and keep them smoldering.

 2. Fire Starter- To prevent backlash which can severely injure you, avoid making use of kerosene or gasoline to start your fire. It is safer to use commercial fire starter.

3. Stove Gloves- Stove gloves are not your ordinary gloves. They are specially treated to withstand harsh condition particularly extreme heat. When buying a pair, a welder's set of gloves offers the most protection. Make sure that you get a pair that is long enough to protect not just your hands but also your arms. You need them when you have to place a new log inside your stove or if you need to grab a burning log and shift it around. Using your bare hands is not only extremely dangerous but is also known to potentially damage cells in your hands. It is wise to protect the part of your body that is unfavorable condition by wearing a proper gear like in this case, a pair of stove gloves.

 4. Cast iron cookware- One of the great features of a wood stove is that it provides you with a space to prepare and cook your food. It makes perfect sense if you get cooking cook wares made of cast iron since those meant for gas or electric stoves are far too flimsy. Nowadays you can get these set of cook wares in different shapes and sizes.

5. Log carriers and carts- These accessories make it more convenient for you to bring in fuel from the pile outside. If you just need a few, you can make use of a log carrier instead of staking them in your arms. Popular choices are those made of wicker. If you want a wicker basket or carrier, choose one that is the sturdiest and strongest. On the other hand, if you need to stock up a lot of fuel to last you through the long winter, a wood carrier comes in handy. It is sturdy enough to carry more woods than a log basket is capable of carrying.

 6. Log Holders and Rack- Once the pile of woods is inside, you need something to keep them off the ground or floor. This ensures that your woods stay dry and free from insects. A log holder or a rack is responsible for this task and at the same time provides a pleasing vision to your interior. If you get one, consider the space need for positioning, though.

7. Stove Thermometer- You can't afford to forget a stove thermometer. It helps you keep track of the temperature of your stove and at the very least keeps you safe in your own home. Monitoring the heat produced by your stove makes it possible for you to refrain from producing heat that is way more than you actually need. This enables you to conserve on fuel. Aside from your wall, thermometers can now be conveniently attached to your stove-pipe or your stove.

8. Tools- To guarantee that your wood stove is in perfect working condition, you need to get tools to help you keep your stove nice and clean. Basic tool set includes an ash shovel, a brush, a poker and a rake although stove tools are not limited to these four only. Aside from the few things you can do to make sure that your stove is clean and safe, it is also important to have it thoroughly inspected by a certified sweep at least once a year. Admittedly, investing in wood stoves doesn't come cheap. But with the proper care along with a few handy wood stove accessories, it will be a proven worthwhile investment which can last you a lifetime. Click here for Wood Stove Accessories and Stove Pipe.


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