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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

EMF Protection

EMF Protection: How to Stop Harmful EMFs, EMRs (including Cell Phone Radiation), & Dirty Electricity - the Invisible Threat to Your Family was a free book when I wrote this post.

 Every day there are new "smart" devices being introduced that promise to make our lives better and easier.

And while that might be true, there are also invisible and dangerous consequences to this technology that we are exposing ourselves to at a new and greater level (and it's only going to get worse as we become more dependent on automated technology).

As we become more "connected" with our electronic devices, so does the world around us.

Consider that:
- cell phones increasingly don't leave our pockets or bedsides
- WiFi equipment all around us is emitting dangerous electromagnetic radiation (sometimes 24/7)
* wifi routers
* cordless phones
* smart meters
* smart appliances, smoke alarms, alarm systems...
* cell phone towers
* electric cars
* power lines
* and many, many more

If you have been curious or even concerned about what all of the “smart” devices could be doing to your health, I hope you'll consider some startling data discussed in this book.

Additionally, if you have children, there are much greater risks that can have long term consequences.

If you currently have any unexplained health issues (i.e. like dizziness, sleep issues, loss of focus, etc.), EMF Sensitivity is a very possible culprit.

I wrote this book because as a doctor I was suffering from severe EMF and electromagnetic radiation exposure related health issues that literally took me months to piece together. If I, as a doctor, missed these signs, so could you.

I am so passionate about sharing what I now know about what these silent EMF dangers are doing to our health, that I want to help you prevent what happened to me.

I have successfully been able to cut the EMF Exposure in my home and surroundings by an estimated 80%, and because of that I believe that my health has been greatly improved. I also did so without spending a lot of money or feeling like I am missing out on the "technology" train.

I want to help dispel the truth and myths, so that you have the tools and knowledge you need to protect you, your family and especially your children!

In this book you'll discover:
- How at risk you are now (you can take a short quiz to find out)
- 10 Simple and Affordable ways you can reduce your exposure
- Why this “invisible” exposure can be harming your health
- 11 unexplained health issues you might be experiencing now (there are many, but these are some of the most common)
- Why EMF is particularly dangerous for your children
- The biggest EMF offenders in your house, and what you can do about it
- The types of electropollution
- Compelling studies, charts and case studies
- Smart Meter myths and dangers
- Tools you can use to measure fields in your home
- What levels are "safe"
- Even if you are currently symptom free, risks of illness that can occur

BONUS: You’ll also have the opportunity to download a free worksheet (self assessment) that will help you further determine the current risk to your family now.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Download the book today to learn about the dangers and 10 simple and affordable actions you can take today to protect you and your family from EMF exposure.

Dr. Ariel Policano has over 10 years of clinical experience in natural medicine.


Lee quwave said...

EMF exposure is a most dangerous and invisible threat that exists in our surrounding. It can cause various hormonal or DNA imbalance in our body. Only effective electromagnetic protection can produce positive energy to minimize the harness of EMF.

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