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Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family

How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family was a free Kindle book when I wrote this blog post!


Hurricanes, winter storms, earthquakes, house fires - what would you do if you were caught up in any one of these?

How would you protect your loving family and valuable home?

Amazon best-selling Author Judith Turnbridge tells you exactly how with these and other emergency situations in her new book How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family.

Here's how this book can help you...

Many newcomers to disaster 'prepping' are put off before they even begin because of the overwhelming amount of information out there. With Judith's new book she'll break it down into manageable chunks using only easy to understand language, while at the same time avoiding the more radical survivalist elements. That means you can put a survival action plan into place starting from today!

Here's a reality check...

It's only when you have your plan in place that other possible hazards might come to light should an emergency occur. These hazards could impede your ability to escape or survive at home, so the last thing you would want are any nasty surprises when you were least expecting them.

Having a plan in place will also minimize the amount of stress you and your family would feel and so lessoning the risk of making a poor judgement. That is why this book is so important!

Some of the topics covered in this essential book include:
  • Should you stay in your home or evacuate
  • How to make an evacuation plan
  • What to do when family members are not all in the same location
  • How to make an emergency preparedness kit (a bug-out bag)
  • What you should include in a first aid kit
  • What to do if you plan to stay at home
  • What to do about food storage and how much would be needed
  • What to do about purifying and storing water
  • What other essentials would you need
  • How to deal with your kids, the disabled and vulnerable, and even your pets
  • The 10 most common disasters and how you should deal with them
Don't put off till tomorrow what can be done today because disaster can strike when you least expect it. Everyone should consider how to protect themselves and you can begin today by reading How to Survive a Disaster: Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Family. The small cost of this book could save your life - be prepared!


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