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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Really Happy To Get A Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock

Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock
I was so happy when I received my Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock! Already have had an argument with my daughter about me letting her have it. Yeah, right! I told her to get her own. This is mine! Got it just in time for my birthday. The print of this ( and the other prints) is so nice. Really makes it stand out. A much higher quality than some hammocks that I have had experience with. This will be great for hiking and camping since it only weighs about 20 ounces. Made of high quality material and has triple sewn seams. Double size and has a weight grade up to 400 pounds. Two people could easily and comfortably fit in this!

The nautical grade hanging carabiners will ensure that it is hung well and safe. This has tons of room, enough for you and someone else or to be by yourself hanging up safely and with all of your hiking gear up off the ground with you. Great way to get up in a tree a bit higher off the ground so you can be hidden. The fabric feels so much stronger and a bit thicker. Use it with a sleeping bag even.  Great for taking a nap after a long hike. This seems like it will hang up very fast. The instructions are really clear and I think that I could have it hung by myself fast! Quickly be safe and up off the ground after a long day. With it being made out of nylon and not mesh makes this a lot more durable. This will last you a much longer time if you take care of it.

I was hoping to get it up before I had to write this post , but wasn't able to. We had planned on going camping this week , but the darn weather just did not cooperate. I did take it out and lay it flat. Made very well. After we take it camping I am seriously thinking of getting some poles for a set up of some kind to be able to  have it hung in my back yard. Have a place where we can go and relax. Read a great book or just take a nap.  It is made of strong parachute nylon. Which is also mildew resistant. I know that it dries quick. It was rained on when it was laying out in the yard a little bit and I just hung it over the back deck rails and it was dry in no time. That is a major plus. Good to have something that can dry quick when you are out and about. Camping out in the woods, you do not want to have something that is soaking wet and not able to bag it up in the bag that it came with. This is built strong and would be a great item to have on hand for anyone who loves the great outdoors or is looking for an alternative to a sleeping arrangement in their bug-out-bag. Since this is so light you can easily have it hanging on the outside of your bag. Will not take up hardly any space. Great for anyone who is out a lot!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Grand Trunk Parachute Nylon Double Hammock-Prints for free from Grand Trunk Goods as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations


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