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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Camping Essentials: Camping Basics, Importance of Camping, Camping Gear That is Needed And How To Set Up Camp

Camping Essentials: Camping Basics, Importance of Camping, Camping Gear That is Needed And How To Set Up Camp was a free book for the Kindle (or free Kindle reading app) when I wrote this post.

Camping Essentials

Are you looking for something to do with your family this summer? Maybe you've been planning to take a trip but the economy makes it difficult. Or maybe you've been debating about going somewhere but you don't know what to do. Well one of your options is camping and it's something that everyone in your family can enjoy. Whether you spend only a little money and stay in a tent or you spend a lot and buy an RV, you'll be able to go out and have a lot of fun.
This is also something that you can do all the time and not just once in a while. Because it's so cheap and there are so many different places to go you'll be able to explore the entire country without having to spend a lot of money. Instead of going to a resort or a hotel this year go camping and spend more time with your family.
A preview of the book:

  • Camping Essentials: The Basics

  • Chapter I: The Importance of Camping

  • Chapter II: The Benefits of Camping

  • Chapter III: What Gear is Needed

  • Chapter IV: Where to Camp

  • Chapter V: How to Set Up Camp

  • Chapter VI: Breaking Camp

  • Chapter VII: Coming Home


Megan said...

We just went camping this weekend, but our friend did most of the planning. That book will definitely come in handy when the hubby and I become in-charge of planning for our next camping trip.

Anonymous said...

I sure am glad I bought a couple other books on camping for beginners BEFORE I took my family camping over the holiday. “Camping Essentials” is just a couple dozen pages of filler like “how wonderful camping is” and “a great way to spent time with your family”. This isn’t even a book. There are no pictures or illustrations and very limited discussion about how to do anything like starting a campfire or using coolers. The author does mention ripping up the environment and using some rocks to build a campfire ring. He does say to leave your campsite just like it was but does not remind you to replace what was torn up for the campfire. He doesn’t mention the possibility of using an existing campsite which saves time, effort, and is much easier on the environment. No equipment lists, no provision lists, no recommendations on rain gear. This guy hasn’t done much, if any, camping. I admit, I got suckered by all those phony rave reviews. The dead giveaway is that all the reviewers histories gave all other books high scores, I don’t think this is a coincidence. Save your money on this “book” folks, not to mention your next camping trip.

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