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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Found Another Use For FoodSaver!

We homeschool and I am always printing things off. Some of it I want to keep , but I have no laminating machine. So I got the idea this morning to take and put the items that I want to keep, like times table, in a glad bag and then heat seal it shut. Now we have our things in a protective cover and can be kept for good. Make sure it is in there good and flat. No wrinkles. That would make it hard to read the things inside. You could do this with just about anything that you do not want to get wet. Maybe even put all of your important papers in a bigger bag and heat seal it shut so they can't get wet. I have a lot of ideas for this now. Make our flash cards that we use a lot last longer. This would have to be a lot more frugal than getting a machine just for laminating. Don't you have to get special plastic sheets for them and everything? I am all about being frugal!


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