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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Save Money While You Stockpile - 7 Tips To Using Coupons

Print Free Coupons
1. Buy at least two Sunday papers each week to help you build your coupon base. You can usually find the Sunday paper in bundles of two for a discount price. Many papers will also sell their unsold papers for a discount during the following week.

2. Find and bookmark a few couponing blogs that you like to read. Couponing blogs are a great source of encouragement as well as little tidbits of useful information. The key is to find blogs that you enjoy enough to visit on a regular basis and which you feel comfortable enough with the posters to interact.

3. Find and bookmark all the (truly) free printable coupon sites (Like - you can find. Since almost every printable coupon site has a limit of two prints per coupon per computer, you either have to make use of multiple computers or multiple sites if you need to print more than two coupons. Not only do you want to use sites that are free, you want to use sites that do not ask for any personal information (unless you like spam).

4. Know your store's coupon policy and keep a copy with you when you shop. Knowing the policy will save you from being embarrassed at the checkout for inadvertently violating the policy. Taking the policy with you allows you to insist that the store follow their policy when you run into a cashier (or even a manager) that doesn't know the policy. Being able to prove the terms of the policy can sometimes mean the difference in getting the bargain or going home empty handed.

5. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Regardless of whether you use coupons or not, shopping from a list saves you money as it deters impulse buying. Impulse buying absolutely cuts into the savings you obtain from using coupons. Don't do it.

6. Locate sources of free coupon inserts such as friends and family who haven't learned the value of couponing. Have them save their inserts for you. Look for places where you can obtain discarded inserts. One place that is a goldmine for discarded inserts are recycling bins at apartment complexes.

7. Make use of in-store coupons such as "blinkies", "peelies" and "catalinas". Blinkies are machines next to products in the store that dispense coupons. Peelies are coupons attached to products. Catalinas are the coupons that print out at the register.

Here is an article that has some great tips How to Save Money Each Month – 76 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now . List of ways to save money with ideas on budgeting and more.

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