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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kindle Freebie - Prepper's Essential Guide To Surviving a Flu Pandemic and other Doomsday Events

As of this posting, this is a great Kindle Freebie - Prepper's Essential Guide To Surviving a Flu Pandemic and other Doomsday Events. Among the doomsday events covered are :

Super Volcano Eruption - find out how to thrive in zero light conditions, how to grow crops and which animals to start farming.

Worldwide Economic Meltdown - What use is money, gold or silver when people are starving? None! Try trading boxes of ammo for cabbages not gold ingots. In a meltdown situation the prepper is the new billionaire; learn how to protect your assets from those that want to plunder and steal.

Flu Pandemic - One of the more probable doomsday events, one of the scariest and actually one of the easiest to cope with for the prepper. Find out the authors top tips for surviving a pandemic.

Hurricane, Earthquake and Tornados - find out how a prepper will survive those critical first 72 hours after these localized doomsday events occurs.

Nuclear Attack - the cold war may be over but there are certain states out there that are looking to develop the bomb. What happens when they do?

Solar Storm- a world without electrical devices is what awaits us if we get struck by a heavy solar storm. Don't bother starting the car; it won't work!

Asteroid Strike - our world has been shaped by asteroid strikes, it will continue to be shaped for millions of years to come. How do you survive the aftermath?

Basic prepping skills are essential for anyone who is serious about living a quality life after a doomsday event. Those that don't learn the skills now will starve and be left to fight it out with mob for those valuable resources like food and water. Don't leave it to chance. There will be no second chance.

I think that a Kindle is a must have for any prepper! Great way to keep all of your survival, gardening, cooking, and other books in one place. There are great solar power chargers for them also.

The Prepper's Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster

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