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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What we need to do to be prepared...

I am sitting here watching my son play on the indoor playground at McDonalds and thinking about everythhing that we still need to do to get prepared. Sure, we have a lot of food etc, but we need to get around like minded people and get some land in a safe place. Our goal is to get totally off grid. Hopefully it happens soon. We have been looking hard. There are few other things that we need to do that deal with security.

Watching these kids play really makes me want to get prepared even more. I don't want to see any kid hurt or have to go through anything bad. I want everyone to be safe and prepared and hope that even if everyone who reads this blog will do just one thing it will be something. Be Safe.

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Joquena said...

This is a good reminder that I need to spend some more effort on my survival stuff. We've been trying to learn to garden as you can only stockpile so much food. So far we're horrible at it :-)

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