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Monday, July 23, 2012

Summertime Cloth Diaper Tips

For parents who understand the cloth diapering is the healthiest choice for babies as well as the most responsible choice for the health of the environment, summer is a welcome season. Families not only have more daylight hours available to enjoy outdoor activities, but the warm weather makes it easier to care for cloth diapers as well. Here are tips that can help families make the most out of summer months without compromising health and safety.

Break Out the Clothes Line

The moist environment of a diaper means that baby is subject to irritating rashes. Candida, rashes caused by an infection with a fungus or yeast, are quite common in diapered babies, particularly after they begin to eat solid foods. Hanging diapers out to dry in the sun kills bacteria, helping protect infants from rashes.

Summertime Potty Training

Many parents try to get older babies out of diapers before starting preschool in the fall. Letting older babies toddle around without diaper covers helps to alert them when accidents happen. Many experts believe that disposable training pants actually lengthen the potty training process, as they make it harder for toddlers to sense when an accident has occurred. Parents can take advantage of summer's fine weather by allowing their little ones to toddle around for quicker alerts without diaper covers for added protection.

Summer Washing

Summer is also a great time to rethink laundry routines. Parents may be aware that a vegetable-based detergent is healthier for baby than one filled with harsh chemicals but may not be aware that residues of conventional detergent can build up in the washing machine. Putting diapers through several rinse cycles after washing helps protect babies from rashes, allergic reactions and exposure to harmful chemicals. Parents should avoid dryer sheets and fabric softeners as well. They can make rashes worse.

Avoid Disposables

It can be tempting to toss a disposable diaper into a bag when rushing to get the family out of doors, but with today's well-designed bags and nappies, bringing along cloth ones and a wet bag are just as convenient. Disposables contain trace amounts of dioxin, a substance that has been listed by the Environmental Protection Agency as a cancer-causing chemical. It's helpful to remember that disposables are never easily "disposed" either. Most take centuries to completely biodegrade.

Summertime is always most enjoyable when everyone in the family is healthy, comfortable and happy. Cloth diapering helps the littlest members of the family get full enjoyment out of the summer months.

Author writes about a variety of topics. If you would like more information about cloth diapers, visit Diaper Junction.

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