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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cloth Diapering on a Budget

Most babies go through an average of 8 to 10 diaper changes every day, depending on their size and age. Parents on a tight budget look for the most affordable diapers they can find to keep up with the chanes. Many have discovered that cloth diapering is the most economical method. While the start-up materials are higher than disposables, the long-term costs are lower. There are many ways to save money using cloth diapers for a baby.

Buy In Bulk

As with most items today, buying in bulk is cheaper. A large pack of 12 or 18 costs less per diaper than a three-pack or single. For those planning ahead, this is an economical option. A set, or stash, of 30 to 40 can last through potty training at about age 3, depending on the type, size and style. Parents looking for the longest-lasting system should find one or styles that they are comfortable with and buy in bulk.

Baby Showers

Parents who plan to use cloth diapering should let friends and family know before the baby is born. If there is a baby shower planned, these make sensible gifts, especially a good base set that can be used for years to come.

One Size

One-size-fits-all diapers fit babies from about 7 to 35 pounds. They have multiple closures to make a snug fit for almost any size. Buttons and elastic, snaps and hook-and-loop closures are strategically placed so that they can fit the child comfortably as they grow. This means that parents can spend less money on cloth diapers without having to purchase different sizes as the child grows. The one-size-fits-all is a smart option for parents on a budget with more than one child in diapers.


The classic cloth diapering icon has been reborn to a versatile and inexpensive option for today's parents on a budget. This single layer flat square can be folded to fit any size bottom. Flats can be doubled for heavy wetters or used as liners in pocket diapers. They typically come in 27-inch-by-27-inch or 32-by-32 squares. Flats can be worn freestyle or with diaper covers. They also make handy burping cloths, lap protectors and absorbent liners. They dry quickly on a line or in a machine.


For the economical cloth diapering parent, prefolds are often the primary choice. They are squares with extra layers prefolded and stitched in all of the most important places for convenience and absorption. They can be worn with or without diaper covers, which is helpful for parents watching their pennies.


When machine washed in hot water, cloth diapers are as safe for different children to wear as any other garment. Anyone with a large supply of cloth diapers will find that they often last longer than a baby needs them. Preowned diapers are safe to use and can be passed down from family to family until they wear out or are no longer needed. Preowned diapers are also available for sale through some diaper retailers. Diaper Swappers Forum is a great place to find low cost and even free cloth diapers.


Styles without closures are often the cheapest. Savvy parents have a collection of reusable clips, fasteners or modern safety pins that can be used over and over. They come in a wide variety of colors, materials and styles so that parents can choose the most convenient and least expensive at will.

Author writes about a variety of topics. If you would like more information about cloth diapers, visit Diaper Junction.

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Paige said...

With cloth diapers, is it okay to just wash them in the washing machine? (ours has a "sanitize" option, which is great). I mean, of course you would have to dump the poo in the toilet :-) I know there are some places that offer a "diaper service", pick up the soiled diapers and wash them for you. I was just curious - whenever I decide to have a second baby, I would love to try cloth diapers!

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