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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips On How To Save On Gas

There are some simple ways to conserve your gas usage.

Keep up the maitanence on your vehicle. Proper oil changes, check tire pressure, tune ups, etc.

Plan your trips. Do all of your shopping and other items all on one day and map out your trip. This way you are doing it all at once and not going out of your way to get to someplace that will use up your gas.

Drive the speed limit!! Do not be over aggressive while driving.

Watch idling.

Make sure that there is not any extra weight in your vehicle.

Maybe create a carpool for taking kids to school, picking them up, or for work.

Just remember that every little bit helps. I am going to fill up my gas cans now while gas is $3.45 in my town. That way this summer when gas is up to over $4.00 I will already have my gas for mowing the lawn. LOL Also since it is not too cold I try to walk places as much as possible. I am also looking into getting a bike.

Gas Buddy really does help and you can check it to see where the cheapest gas is at in your town.

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