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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Solar Lights At Dollar Tree!!!

Went on my monthly trek to The Dollar Tree and imagine my surprise when I seen solar lights! I , unfortunately , only bought 3 of them! I was scared that maybe they would not work good and I did not want to go over my budget. I am so surprised at how well they do actually work. Even better than the ones I bought from an online store for $20.00!!! I am going to go back this weekend and hope that they have any left. I have one right now in my flower pot in the kitchen and it worked awesome as a night light. GREAT!! I will place them outside and they will charge during the day and then can bring them in for emergency lighting or for night lights. This is a great deal and if you have a Dollar Tree near you get to it today and see if they have the solar powered lights.

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Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I'm glad to see you review these. We don't have a Dollar Tree locally, but we were at one this past Friday. I chose not to get them for the same reason you only got 3. I was skeptical. We're headed out of town again soon, so I think I'll pick a bunch up.

Bloggers said...

I hope that you got some. It has been a year now and my lights are still going strong. Very bright.

Bloggers said...

they have them again at my dollar tree. I bought 10 more of them. LOL I love them.

Anonymous said...


Bloggers said...

YES!! Mine have been out in the snow and rain. They are still going strong. I leave them out until I need them.

Bloggers said...


I buy these whenever our dollar tree has them just to put back. Out of the 1st 10 I bought only 3 of them have stopped working , but I put my own rechargeable batteries in them and they started working again.

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