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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cooking With The Sun

In a search to find ways to be able to cook if there is no power , I came across the idea of cooking with the sun. The search done online led me to this Solar cooker that can be made for less than $10.00!! That really jumped out at me - cheap, easy, and will work. I went to our local Dollar Tree and purchased 2 of the windshield shades. I already had the rest of the items that I needed. So off I go to try this out!!

I used some of the tips that were in my book - Cooking With the Sun: How to Build and Use Solar Cookers and set out to make and try this.

I chose a day last week when it got to about 80 degrees and just made a small pot of beans! IT WORKED!! I was really surprised. The only thing I didn't do was keep track of the time that I started it!! I have a toddler in the house who is going through their terrible twos so I have been kept busy chasing him around!! I did not even get any photos of my solar cooker! But it did work. I did it up on my deck and had it sat in the furthest corner so it was hit with the most sun AND the deck rail kept it in place from the wind. I am going to wait until a cool day with plenty of sun and try this again so I can see they really do work in the winter. My book says that they will work , but I want to try it out for myself. This can really be a life saver when the power goes out.

Next I will be trying out a coffee can stove!!


Unknown said...

The Girl Scouts have a box oven that a friend of mine used after Katrina.
I'd love to see some pictures if you ever try it again.

Bloggers said...

I will take some for sure. I put it up this time and while I was putting it up I was so mad because I forgot to get a photo of it.

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