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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Emergency Preparedness Tips For Winter Storms

When you want to make sure that you are ready for harsh winter conditions, you'll find that there are a few things that you need keep in mind. Being unprepared for winter weather can result in everything from severe injuries to sickness, even to death, and if you want to make sure that you and your family are going to be okay, remember that you should prepare as thoroughly as possible.
Your Home
Your home is going to be the first thing that you need to look at. You and your family might be trapped there for days or even weeks if the storms are very bad, so make sure that you have all of the essentials that you need. How well are you currently prepared and what can you do to really be safe? The things that you need are very simple, but unless you take them into account, you may suffer in the time that it takes for rescue to come.
First, do you have a heat source? Even if your furnace is running fine, remember that you should setup a backup heating source on top of it. Space heaters are one way to deal with it, as is keeping enough wood around for your fireplace. Also make sure that you have a good method to create the fire if necessary.
Also make sure that all your pipes are insulated. In the case of a sudden temperature drop, you may find that the water in the pipe expands. This can cause the pipe to burst, but it can also stop up your water supply.
Know what you are going to do if a fire breaks out. Are your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in working order? Does everyone know how to use them? You'll find that good fire safety precautions are essential when you want to make sure that your family stays safe.
Is there enough food, water and medicine in your winter storm emergency backpack? What first aid supplies do you have at your disposal? You may need to get by for a few days without being able to get to the store.
Make sure that you keep at least one cell phone with two charged batteries on hand in case your telephone service shuts down. This can help you call for emergency assistance should the need arise.

The Essentials
When you have the above taken care of, you'll find that you are in pretty good shape for winter storm preparedness. Also make sure that you consider the following. They are also quite important and can be found in a number of different ways.
When you have important objects like flashlights, radios and weather radios, also make sure that you have the new batteries that go along with it. Test both items and batteries regularly to make sure that they still work.
Blankets are another thing that you need to think about. Winter storms are cold, and making sure that everyone has at least two to three blankets is important. This can keep everyone comfortable if the heat is interrupted.
What do you have that will help you remove snow, ice and sleet? Windshield scrapers, hoes, brooms and even shovels should be kept where you can reach them.Make sure that you keep things like rock salt, road salt and sand on hand to break through frozen surfaces. It is important to keep these items handy as well.
If you are worried about getting help, look into emergency flares and other types of lighting.

Remember that survival is your primary goal in the event of a winter storm situation. Make sure that your home is ready for everything the weather can throw at it, and that you and your family can survive for as long as it takes. The steps above can help improve your chances for survival by a wide margin.

Chris Perry has been in the emergency preparedness field for several years. He hopes to help families all over the world avoid heartache by helping them be prepared in a disaster situation. He also writes for the site [] which offers emergency backpacks [] emergency food and water, first-aid, and other preparedness goods.


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