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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Zika Virus Box Set: The Ultimate Guides to Zika Virus and Building a Survival Safe Home

It is that time of year to be worried about mosquitoes again. Get prepared with this free kindle book ~~~~ Zika Virus Box Set: The Ultimate Guides to Zika Virus and Building a Survival Safe Home (zika virus, microcephaly symptoms, zika virus symptoms).

BOOK #1: Build a Survival Safe Home: The Latest Guide for Building Safe and Warm Wilderness Shelters

Maybe you love the great outdoors. Maybe you are a SHTF prepper. Regardless, you are currently on your personal journey of learning how to live off of the land and survive. When living off of the land or in the wilderness becomes your only option, shelter should be your first concern. That’s why we wrote this ebook. In this ebook you will learn 10 different shelters that you can build on your own land or out in the wilderness. Additionally, you will also learn about the things you should consider when you need to construct your survival shelter. You can learn these helpful shelter building techniques now and be ready for the end of the world!

BOOK #2: Build a Survival Safe Home: 30 Amazing Lessons on How to Build Survival Safe Home and Save Yourself from Natural Disasters

We all know that nothing lasts forever. This also includes our current economy and modern life. A time may come in the future where we don’t have electricity or the other conveniences of life. It’s important that you have a plan for that or a natural disaster. What would you do and where would you go if your current home was demolished due a natural disaster?

BOOK #3: Survival Home: 49 Easy Steps and Survival Tips to Build a Survival Safe Home and a Hidden Underground Shelter

The last ten years have seen an increase in incidents of terrorism and natural disasters. The world is shrinking and it can often seem as though any number of disasters could befall at a moments notice. In response to this there has been a rising amount of interest in how to survive a large scale incident. This could be something that affects just one part of the country for a limited time or something that affects the whole country, or even the globe.

BOOK #4: Zika Virus: The Ultimate Guide to Zika Virus. Learn How to Prevent Being Infected With the Zika Virus

Zika virus has become an International concern, with reported cases appearing in multiple countries around the world. The virus itself is not dangerous to most people, but there have been increases in birth defects and serious neurological disease, which have been linked to Zika, namely microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

BOOK #5: Zika Virus: 22 Proven Tips and Tricks to Save Yourself From Zika Virus

The Zika virus is spreading fast and it is currently in the news every day; there some panic being spread by the media because there is no immediate cure and no vaccine for it. It is also a different virus from other epidemics, because people often get infected when travelling and because it is mainly (but not only) carried by mosquitoes. The symptoms last for a fairly long time, which makes this virus very unpleasant indeed.

BOOK #6: Zika Virus: 22 Lessons to Prevent Zika Virus and Save Your Family

Up until very recent times, no one heard about the Zika mosquito, Zika virus, Zika infection or disease. In fact, you might also be wondering what it is as you read this book description. You are not alone. Zika is a relatively new word in the ears of many. Several people have not heard about it. This seems to be a mystery that has not been successfully unraveled as at yet. How can a simple mosquito that just recently came into notice become so dangerous and deadly?

If you asked a health expert about the Zika virus, you would get answers like – there is nothing of such or that they have never heard something of such.


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