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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Stockpile For When Times Are Lean

I am so glad that we have food storage and other items , like toilet paper, etc. It is coming in handy now . Truck driving for the company my husband drives for is slow in the winter. It started getting slow about the middle of December and they say it will be like that until about March. So our stockpile has really come in handy. I still go to the grocery store when there is something on sale that we would like to have. Like , this week they had big bags of french fries on sale for 99 cents! There is no way that I could pass that up. Tater tots and french fries are a great addition to a grilled Turkey burger. We are still saving money to buy some land this spring, not as much as would like to , but any little bit is an addition to the savings jar! It is being added to , not subtracted from. We will make it thru this and be much stronger and learn more about stockpiling and being prepared because of it.

Be safe and PREPARED!


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