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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grid Down: A Strike against America - An EMP Survival Story

Grid Down: A Strike against America - An EMP Survival Story- Book Two was a free kindle book at the time of this posting. Great read for when cooped up during a winter storm.

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An EMP leaves a small northeastern town in ruins, with no assistance from the government, military, or law enforcement. As a result, a ruthless band of criminals take over the town and terrorize its residents. But one town isn’t enough as they set their sights on a hidden community of preppers who fled into the mountains.  

Rob Parker is having one hell of a day. His camp was attacked and his children were kidnapped. Mila, his wife, is in hysterics and his small survivalist community is quickly falling apart. But despite insurmountable odds, he must pull his fractured group together to get their children back. Their plan will bring them into direct confrontation with Rob’s nemesis, the psychotic mayor who runs the town. The brutal journey begins here where nothing will be easy and carnage is sure to follow. Can Rob and his family survive their harsh new reality? Or was the destruction of the power grids only the beginning of their demise?  Find out in the third installment of “Grid Down!”

In this new thrilling disaster series, author Roger Hayden continues the saga of his best-selling EMP series, “The Pulse,” taking readers on an intense, terrifying journey through a digital-dependent world striped of both its modern conveniences and humanity.


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