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Monday, December 7, 2015

Take Advantage Of The Sun & Nature

It isn't difficult to utilize the sun to help with easing the cost of your power usage. It will help by using the natural heat and light. You will use less power and be more sufficient. This will save your family money in the long run.

  • Orient you buildings to take advantage of the sun and to protect your home from the cold winter winds. You can plant a living "fence" to help with this if you have to. Plant a row of evergreen trees to keep the cold wind away.
  • Be sure to have as much insulation in your home as possible. This will also help in the summer by keeping the heat out and in the winter will hold the heat in.
  • Think about adding a sunroom to your home. You can vent the heat into the home during the winter and in the summer vent the heat outside.
  • Use the natural light during the day. In the winter open the curtains and let that natural light and heat into the house.
  • Think about adding brick to the outside of your home. This really helps with controlling the temperature. 
  • Use hanging plants and overhangs to cool the home in the summer. 
  • Plant your own food garden in your yard to save money on food costs. 
  • Have a rain barrel to catch water to use to water your garden and yard. My son also used our rain barrel to wash the cars. Great way to save money on water.
There are many ways to use nature to help you keep your utility bills low.

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