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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Homemade Gift Wrappings! DIY!

You spent all of your money on the gifts so save a bit by making your own wrapping paper. This Christmas I am using all of the packing paper that came with any packages that I have gotten in the past year. This makes great wrapping paper. You can decorate it or just leave it plain. I plan on leaving mine just plain. I like the looks of that. With red tags.

Here is a list of some other ideas for you to use:

  • Use comic book pages or newspaper.
  • Maps that you can get free from each state. I have to admit that I have bags and bags of maps, but I want to save them for if we ever have to bug-out. They do look great as wrapping paper though. Maybe choose a state that someone you know is from or something like that.
  • Using reusable shopping totes as gift bags is a good idea. They sell them at dollar tree that are plain also so you can decorate them.
  • You could wow everyone by reusing the cardboard boxes that food comes in. Like cereal boxes, etc. Kind of neat and with this you do not have to wrap, just put the item in and seal it up.
  • Aluminum foil looks awesome. Wrap a colorful bow and it is stunning.
  • Wrap gifts with pretty scarves! Silk ones that you can get at thrift stores would be an awesome idea and they can use it!
  • Kitchen towels make good wrapping "paper"! Get print ones at the dollar tree and use it to wrap the gift. 
There are many ways to wrap gifts that is basically free.

Don't forget to save any packaging paper that you get for next Christmas!!




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