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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Preparing Your Home for Wind Damage Before the Storm

Back in 2008 we had a major wind storm here in Indiana, really the whole east did, because of a hurricane that then brought the wind to us. We lost our roof, a few outdoor toys, and our power ( for 3 days)  because of it. There are things that you can do to keep the damage down to a minimum.

How to Avoid Wind Damage
  • Know your risks. Do you know the hazards in your community? How often do floods or wind storms occur?When there is a wind storm in your area will power go out?
  • Ensure that your roof sheathing is properly installed. The roof sheathing is the boards or plywood nailed to your roof rafters or trusses. During a heavy windstorm, wind forces flow from the roof down to the exterior walls and then the foundation. Homes are damaged when wind is not properly transferred to the ground in a storm. Properly installed sheathing helps to ensure wind is transferred correctly. Make sure the sheathing nails haven't missed the rafters. If they have you'll need to redo them.
  • Make sure end gables are secured to the roof. 'In a hurricane or other wind storm, the side walls of the roof (end gables) take a real beating and can collapse. Gable bracing often consists of 2"x4"s placed in an "X" pattern at both ends of the attic: from the top center of the end gable to the bottom of the brace of the fourth truss, and from the bottom center of the end gable to the peak of the roof,' Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Check that your garage door is properly secured. In a windstorm the garage door can be easily ripped off allowing wind to enter your home and blow out doors, windows, walls and even the roof.
  • Protect your windows with storm shutters. Installing storm shutters is one of the best ways you can protect your home from high winds. You can purchase these in wood, aluminum or steel.
If you take the measures to secure your home, than you should be able to weather any storm.


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