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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Signs In The Sky

If you are caught out in bad weather it could be fatal to your survival. There are times to move on and times to make shelter. There are certain things that you can watch for in the sky to predict short-term weather conditions.

" Red sky at night , shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning. " is a very old weather saying. A red sky at night indicates that the atmosphere holds very little moisture. Meaning that there will be no rain or snow with in a couple of hours. A red sky in the morning is a warning that storms are approaching.

A grey morning is usually a sign that the day ahead will be dry. A grey sky in the evening indicates rain.

A clear sky at night is usually an indication that the night weather will be good. Towards the end of summer it can be an indication of frost.

If you have a very clear sky one night followed by a night with very few stars visible , it could mean that the weather is going to be changing.

An enlarging corona around the sun or moon can be a sign of good weather and a shrinking corona around them can be a sign of rain.

Learn the signs in the sky and you can increase your chances of survival. You will know when to hunker down in a shelter and when you can move on.


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