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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Herb Drying 101: How to Dry Herbs at Home

Herb Drying 101: How to Dry Herbs at Home was a free kindle book at the time of this posting.

How to Dry Herbs at Home

Do you have an overwhelming supply of herbs in your garden that you just can’t catch up with?

The tendency is that they wilt and die or they go unused and wasted and yet you’re left with nothing to use in the winter.

Herbs work like magic in most dishes and beverages. They are also useful ingredients in aromatherapy treatments and some craft projects. It makes sense to have a steady stream of herbs all year long as well as knowing the best preservation methods applicable to different types of herbs.

The Herb Drying 101: How to Dry Herbs at Home will show you that you don’t have to buy herbs all the time and you can have them handy even when they’re not in their growing season. Drying herbs is an inexpensive, almost free preservation method that any person could do. Whether you want to hang your herbs, dry them in the sun, or pop them into the microwave, having dried herbs within your reach will certainly be most useful.

Get the most of your herb garden by drying your herbs and making them available all year round. Never run out of basil and tarragon again even if they’re off season and always have a supply of dried lemon balm and lavender anytime.

The Herb Drying 101: How to Dry Herbs at Home will show you that you can maximize your herbs by preserving them for different purposes in easy and stress-free ways!


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