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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Home and Kitchen Super Boxset- Six Best Selling Home and Kitchen Books

Home and Kitchen Super Boxset- Six Best Selling Home and Kitchen Books- was a free book for the kindle at the time of this posting.

 A Super Boxset of six best selling nonfiction authors- over 600+ pages of cleaning, organizing, canning and preseving , miminalmist, and kitchen DIY advice and how-to!

DIY Household Hacks
Cleaning is a task that most people would rank at the bottom of their list of fun activities. Nothing is worse than having to clean your house, especially on an off day. This book will break down the cleaning process into easy to digest steps- aka- “hacks”. These simple techniques will allow you to save both time and energy when cleaning your home.

DIY Lemon
There are many surprising uses for lemons. In fact, they are, perhaps, the most versatile fruits out there. Most people are familiar with the traditional uses of this citrus fruit to enhance their food and water, and to soothe sore throats. However, the diversity of application far exceeds general knowledge, and once people go through the following list, they will likely want to load up on lemons in their kitchens.

DIY Pantry
This book explores all you need to know in building a pantry full of essential items.  Using the extensive knowledge revealed in this book, you’ll learn valuable techniques and recipes for baking soda, Lemons, and several other household items.

The Clever Couponer
In today's economy being a clever shopper and stretching every dollar out is a necessity. Most households are struggling to keep up with bills and a few extra hundred dollars each month can be the difference between racking up credit card debt or adding to your savings. Enter the fast-growing trend of couponing.

Minimalist Habit Stacking
These days, increasing numbers of people are looking for an introduction to minimalism. Essentially, minimalism is a lifestyle characterized by its' rejection of consumerism. Minimalists live with fewer material possessions, and rid themselves of anything that detracts from the important things in their lives. This allows them to find freedom, happiness and satisfaction. This book will show you how to cultivate daily habits that will lead to a minimalist life!

Can, Preserve, and Dry
Looking for a great way to save money, eat healthier, and learn a time tested skill set? Learning how to can your own foods is a great way to accomplish all of that and more! This book will cover the equipment you’ll need to get started and the different methods of safe, effective canning. During any unstable economy, good preparation means being ready for an unexpected shortage in basic necessities. Learning these techniques will ensure that you're prepared for months, even years with an assortment of wide-ranging nutritional foods. However, preparedness isn’t the only reason for food preservation; there are several economical, nutritional, and enjoyable reasons to embrace this movement.


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