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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Off Grid Living Box Set: 50 Essential Strategies and Detailed Deractions on How to Exist Off-the-Grid plus Useful Guide For Living A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

Off Grid Living Box Set: 50 Essential Strategies and Detailed Deractions on How to Exist Off-the-Grid plus Useful Guide For Living A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle ... Grid, Off Grid Living, off grid homestead) was a free Kindle book at the time of this posting.

BOOK #1: Off Grid Living: 12 Essential Strategies To Live A Self-Sufficient Life Off The Grid

Are you interested in living off of the grid now or in the future? If so, then this ebook is for you.

You'll also receive nine other great strategies. It's important to learn these skills before you make the move to live off of the grid. Don't wait. Get this ebook now.

You will learn 12 essential strategies for success such as:

  • Choosing housing
  • Considering alternative power sources
  • What you should know about gardening and hunting

BOOK #2: Off Grid Living: 33 Ways and Detailed Deractions on How to Exist Off-the-Grid and Handle Living in the Wilderness

Off The Grid is a new, innovative approach to living, surviving, and even thriving under the most strenuous of circumstances. That could mean wilderness living, it could mean taking your country home totally off the power grid, or it could mean the desire to just “disappear.” Off The Grid will provide you with a number of those scenarios and solutions.

Living off the grid isn’t exactly the easiest undertaking in the world, but it can be done if there is enough adequate preparation, gathering of supplies, and a knowledge of terrain. Off The Grid is going to help you with your preparation, necessary supplies, and a way to understand terrain and natural markers for direction. It’s a book that you won’t want to put down, but rather you’ll want to comb through it over and over again until it is committed to rote memory.

You will learn:

  • Storage of essential foods
  • Building a shelter
  • Gathering and keeping the elixir of life - water
  • Hunting wild game
  • Growing your own food
  • Losing technology that is used to find you

BOOK #3: Homesteading: Useful Guide For Living A Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

Homesteading has become a national pastime for many who are desiring a break from the madness of society and this book will introduce the reader to many of the opportunities to become self-sufficient. A guide to self-sustaining lifestyles that are applicable in both urban and rural environments, the preservation of food, the development of agriculture and alternative energy sources will get the reader well on the way to a more self-sustaining, independent lifestyle.

Whether it be growing your own vegetables, identifying the most appropriate livestock for your homestead or finding alternative energy sources or even protecting your investment through security measures, this guide will be immeasurably helpful and one you’ll want to pass along to your friends and family.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Effective and affordable lighting resources that not only provide light, but serve as a deterrent from the criminal element
  • Different styles of planters to grow your own chemical-free vegetables
  • The advantages and disadvantages of adding livestock to your homestead


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