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Monday, May 25, 2015

Duraflame Electric Stove - My New Favorite Item!!

I had went to my aunts last winter and it was so hot in their house that I had to go stand on the front porch. I found out that all they have is one of these Duraflame Large Stove Heater, Black, DFS-750-1 to heat their small house and had used only that for 3 years. She said that it did not really affect their power bill and they had not used their natural gas heater in the past 3 years. I saved and saved and finally got us one and it came on Saturday. We got it out of the box and hooked it up! It is very nice looking and great looking when it is on with no heat - Looks like a real fireplace. Turn on the heat and it blows out of the bottom and instantly there was heat coming out of it. I love it and my hubby wants me to save for a 2nd one!! Anything to keep us from having to use our natural gas for heat next winter. That bill is sky high. Having just the one bill for electric would be nice. With the gas we also have the electric bill still so it is always double in the winter. About the normal $140.00 a month for electric AND about $120.00 to $150.00 for the gas bill , just for the heat. That is way too high. If we can have about $150.00 bill each winter month for just electric that would be awesome.  I had seen one at a flea market, but it was a lot smaller. In the above picture , mine is sitting in front of my freezer!

  • Metal construction
  • Electronic controlswith a remote
  • Operable door withupgraded door pull
  • 1500-Watts/4600btus per hour
  • Supplemental heat forup to 400 sq. ft


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