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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Changing My Idea Of Being Prepared...

Off-Grid Laundry
I have been prepping for over 10 years now and have had to use the preps a few times because of things happening to our family, that were emergencies to us. Lay-offs and more. We found out that our food stockpile was great. We had enough food to last the almost the whole time the first time hubby was laid-off and the the second time we were in even better shape. We sold items on ebay and other places to make money for our bills. Cut out a lot of needless things, like cable. Which we never did get back. But, I am starting to really rethink my idea on being prepared. Yes, we should have some stockpile of items, but we should learn how to do things for yourselves! That should be your first thought. After the food runs out can we get more on your own? Do you know how to garden? Fish? Hunt? Do you know how to cook the items that you get? Can you clean a fish or a squirrel? These are the things that everyone should be learning and you will always be self-sufficient. Learn how to repair household and vehicle mishaps.

I am getting my whole family more focused on learning how to do things. How to take care of themselves. I have been taking my youngest son on walks and will ask him what he would do if he was walking alone and certain things happened. etc . He is having fun doing this, but hopefully what I have been teaching him is sticking.

Yeah, you might have a year of food storage, but what about other things? Do you know how to cook it without power? Do you know ways to get clean water?

Collect Rain Water
There are so many things that we take for granted every day that we need to know to do if SHTF. How to be clean, how to cook, garden, sew, fish, hunt, be healthy, warm, cool, etc.

Plan this summer to be a summer of learning for your family. Learn new things that will help your family be prepared and self-sufficient. Take your family camping and find out how to cook and more without power. Learn how to do laundry off-grid.


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