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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Warning Signs Of Sinkholes

I actually have nightmares of sinkholes opening up all around. To make matters worse we live in southern Indiana on what is called a Karst plain. Prone to sinkholes. We can drive out in the country and see many of them. It is scary.

Here are some signs that a sinkhole might be in your area....

Cracks will begin to form in your homes foundation. You will see the cracks on the outside wall and inside at the doors, windows, and joints. Sometimes your floor will even begin to slope downward. The windows and doors will no longer close right.

Outside you might notice a small circular depression in your yard and water might start to collect there like a pond. Fence post and trees might begin to lean or sink. The grass in your yard might begin to dies in some areas.

If you have a well, the water might start to come out cloudy. You might have noticed higher water bills and more plumbing problems.

These might not mean that a sinkhole is imminent , but they are some things to watch for if you know that you live in a sinkhole prone area.


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